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Maximize your Ad Revenue

Unlock the world’s best ad networks, and state-of-the-art ad tech to grow your ad revenue. Sit back and relax as our meticulous team handles your monetization, with 100% Google and IAB Ad Policy compliance.

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Be among the list of publishers who have seen upto 400% increase in their ad revenues.

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Where Publishing Proficiency Meets Ad Tech Supremacy

We empower publishers to reap the true potential of programmatic advertising while
streamlining daily operations and supercharging optimization processes.

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Header Bidding

A tailor-made Header Bidding Wrapper, built on top of prebid.js, offering advanced customization options and tons of smart features. Our modular ad tech loads asynchronously and deploy lazy-loading, so your ads will never impact your page speed.

Branded Video Player

Advergic’s one-liner JS script loads a super-light branded video player on your website allowing you to serve video ads. It enables you to run all of your Direct or Programmatic Video campaigns without worrying about the complicated setup.

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Ad Operation & Consultation

We offer a full-scale AdOps management solution that includes basic to advanced setup, trafficking of your ads, optimization of your inventory & campaigns, and in-depth reporting to help you maximize your ad revenues and minimize hassle and overheads.

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Get Access to Premium Ad Networks

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Switch to Advergic to Turbo-Charge your Ads

Grow Your Ad Revenues

Don’t leave money on the table 🚀

  • Guarantees minimum 60% viewability across all placements.
  • Increase in inventory by up to 25% through smart refreshes.
  • Exclusive access to the world’s top ad-networks and cutting-edge features

Total Compliance

Stay 100% Policy compliant 🏁

  • Highly optimized placements based on IAB and Google Ad Setup Guidelines.
  • Ensures 100% compliance with all Google publishing policies.
  • Long-term and sustainable revenue model.

Start Earning Now!

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