Please read this post from beginning to end to fully understand everything related to the 99designs before making any decisions, even though we believe they are worth the money. One of the best platforms for developing the best designs, logos, graphics, and many other relevant ideas is 99designs. This platform acts as a one-stop shop for getting the graphics you want to make.

As you may have noticed, the prices for the designs on the marketplace above are unreasonable. To determine whether 99designs is worth spending a lot of money on, we will uncover all the crucial details. Let’s look more closely. After Signup read this on how to verify your 99 designs Account.

99designs – The Designing Process

If you are new to the site, it is very interactive and uses a three-step design process to give you what you desire. The three steps of the designing process are described in detail below:

Brief – The First Step

Establishing a project brief is the first step in starting the design process for the desired design. The brief will guide the designers working on your project. It includes all the details and requirements needed to complete the task. For example, a brief must contain the following details:

  • The style that you prefer
  • Visual components you want
  • Your favorite colors

The highly interactive platform will assist you in adding all the necessary ingredients to the recipe so that the designers may create what you desire.

Connect – The Second Step

Connecting with the designers would be the next step after finishing the project’s brief. There are two distinct ways to communicate with the designers. First, employ a freelance designer to create your project. Secondly, you can organize a contest so that a variety of individuals will come up with designs for your project, and you can choose the one you like best.

Collaborate – The Third Step

On 99designs, collaboration comes last in the design process. You can collaborate with your designer a couple of times so that they can create the idea you want. You can release the money and prepare your items for digital and print after you are happy with the provided design.


99designs’ Area of Expertise

Contests for creating logos were the 99designs’ primary source of revenue in the beginning and continued to be so for a very long time. As previously stated, the procedure is pretty straightforward. You can hire an individual to create a logo and hold a contest to choose the finest entries.

Since you will receive a wide variety of custom designs after the contest, we highly recommend that you test the 99designs for your logo-making work. You can decide which one you want the most. In the end, you will receive the following:

  • Editable original vectors
  • Web-friendly files
  • Money-back promise

Once the logo is complete, you can also develop a brand package centered on the logo’s concept.

Production & Pricing Packages

Various packages are available on the 99designs to help you finish your assignment. The first option is to hold a competition amongst many freelancers to determine who can develop the greatest design concept. Secondly, you can hire an individual freelancer for your project. Based on your needs and requirements, 99designs offers various options. In this regard, keep in mind the following:

Logo Design Packages

The 99designs’ ability to create logos is its best-known feature. On 99designs, the cost to create a logo ranges from $290 to $1299. It depends on the specifications of your project and the available funding. The website offers four distinct packages: bronze ($299), silver ($499), gold ($899), and platinum ($1299).

Web Page Design Packages

The 99designs offers four different packages for web page designing. If you want to design your webpage on 99designs, you might be spending from $599 up to $2499, depending upon your requirement and budget plan. The four packages include bronze ($599), silver ($899), gold ($1599), and platinum ($2499).

Videography and Photography Packages

The designers and producers need you to be ready for the outdoor or indoor shooting location according to your demand and need for photography and videography. The second most crucial requirement is that you reside in the United States to hire a local videographer and photographer who will come and help you with the shooting. Additionally, you cannot hold a competition for these projects.

  • The cost of making a video starts at $499.
  • The cost of a picture session begins at $299.

One-to-one Project Pricing

Depending on the need, requirement, idea, and production cost, one-to-one project pricing varies from person to person and project to project. The reason for concern is that a 5% platform fee will be required by the 99designs website to process, safeguard, and provide customer service. Since 1-to-1 projects are unique, their pricing is also distinctive.

Other Projects

In addition to the services above, the website provides millions of users worldwide with projects such as marketing materials for social media, books, graphics, and merchandise. Make it clear that each project’s pricing will be unique if you want to use the 99designs for any of these tasks.

Stages to Run a Contest

The contest for any project will run for up to seven days on the website, but it might take a little longer if you attempt to have a winning web design. Another fascinating feature is that you can end the competition anytime if you find the ideal design. The competition typically comprises the following three phases:

Qualifying Round

The qualifying phase, which lasts for four consecutive days and is the first step in the design-making process, allows you to choose up to six finalists after the designers worldwide have submitted their designs. The chosen finalist will compete till the very end.

Final Round

For the finalists to work according to your preferences and provide you with the needed idea, you must work together. When the finalists have finished, you will have the freedom to select one of your choosing, and by selecting the winner, you can end the competition. The championship round lasts for three days straight.


Finalization is dealing with the winner to get your design in printable form. It is the last step where you can get your product and release the payments.

How to Run a Successful Contest?

Running a contest on the 99designs website is a simple process, but if you’re a novice, you should follow these steps to ensure the contest runs smoothly and produces the desired and promising outcomes.

  • We advise you to invest your efforts into creating a flawless brief for the designers so they can use it as a step-by-step roadmap to deliver what you desire.
  • Setting up your profile is essential when conducting any business online. If people think you’re a trustworthy and honest businessman, they’ll be more interested in your idea.
  • Good designers will save their time on free contest projects; therefore, if you want to do the greatest research, we advise you to ensure that the designers you choose for the contest will be paid.
  • Take your time to choose the top designers before choosing them for the final round and forward submission.
  • Instead of holding a public contest, think about holding a private one.
  • Be kind and provide the designers working on your project with frequent feedback.


  • The website provides a professional and interactive approach for the designers to define your idea. You can make a thorough brief that the designers can use to gather all the information they need to complete the project on time.
  • You can easily ask for the return of your money if the supplied design needs to meet your aesthetic standards.
  • You can hold open, closed, and blind design competitions.
  • You can select from among the hundreds of bids you receive for a single job
  • There is no more payment; therefore, you must pay what you said.


  • Whereas you are free to select your pricing, there are some restrictions because every project’s pricing starts at the lowest cost and rises to the highest rate.
  • While on the platform, you will be subject to some restrictions, such as the inability to conduct interviews or evaluate portfolios and resumes.
  • Another issue you can encounter when working on 99designs is quality assurance.
  • There is a prevalent belief that new hires are more willing to participate in a hiring process that involves competition.
  • If the project is selected, novices will receive money if they have won numerous competitions.

The Competent Alternatives

Alternative platforms are readily available today in abundance. Yes, we will give you one of the most outstanding solutions that are not only dependable but also capable of doing your task to your specifications:

  • Fiverr
  • Design Pickle
  • Freelancer
  • Design Crowd
  • Kimp

Our Expert Opinion

To achieve the greatest tree view of 99designs, our research team has worked the entire area on your behalf. According to our research team, 99designs is among the best for affordable logo design, web design, and other illustrations.

The 99designs is one of the best locations to hire a freelancer or conduct a contest to get your work done because of its significant features. The website offers a money-back guarantee if the designers need to meet your aesthetic expectations. As an alternative, we advise choosing Kimp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better Fiverr or 99designs?

Critically, it depends on your individual needs and requirements. For instance, if you need a rapid fix for your problem, I’d advise you to use Fiverr; however, if you need a high-quality design for creating your logo, use 99designs.

Can you make a living on 99designs?

The quick answer is that you can make a lot of money and rely on 99designs as your primary source of income. Earning through the 99designs is possible. If you want to compete with others to stand out and seize the opportunity, you might enter the competition to get recruited for a particular project.

Is 99designs a legit platform?

Yes, it is a legitimate business that offers various services, including creating logos, designing websites, creating graphics, and many other things. The business was founded in 2008. Australia’s Melbourne is where it was first established. The business also has offices in the USA.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, 99designs is one of the most reputable websites for logo creation and other creative works. On this website, you can either employ a specific person for your project or hold a contest among various freelancers to find the finest design.

The platform has some restrictions on how you can move around it. Every project, for instance, has a starting and an ending price. The inability to have an interview with your employer is another imitation. Finally, if the new competitors do not win, they will not receive compensation.