The first stage in grabbing customers’ attention is conveying your company’s brand to potential customers. Creative graphics, appealing logos, attention-grabbing visuals, and graphic designs are essential for brand promotion. 99designs is unquestionably one of the most reliable freelance platforms where you can hire experts to complete your design work and find clients to do their projects. Like every other online marketplace, 99designs has advantages and disadvantages.

The alternatives to the 99designs are the focus of this article. In your interest, our research team has sought out the most effective alternatives to 99designs.

Criteria for Choosing an Alternative to 99designs

There are many alternatives to 99designs generally, but our focus is on finding the best one based on a set of criteria that will be detailed below. If you need help finding the best option, keep reading.

Our team has determined that when choosing an alternate platform, one should pay particular attention to the following four points:

Pricing & Packages

Pricing and packages are the first things to consider because specific platforms only accept payments in a certain way, such as monthly, while others accept a variety of payment options.

Procedural Framework

The second points to consider are how you can submit your request for the design you want and how you communicate with your client or freelancer. There are various procedural frameworks for such activity on different platforms.

Variety of Designs

Thirdly, consider the different working options a particular platform provides. For instance, one platform offers only a specific type of graphic design, while the other offers a broader range of alternatives.

Operational Plans

Finally, we’ll advise you to consider your plans before joining any platforms. Future business growth will directly depend on your operational plans. Before choosing a different option, consider the various services and the programs they provide.

Let’s first look at what 99designs offers users before moving on to the best alternatives.

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99designs – An Overview

Before discussing the top alternatives to this fantastic and reputable freelance platform, it is vital to discuss 99designs according to the established criteria. Let’s now get into a thorough investigation of the 99designs.

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Pricing Details

There are several ways to deal with pricing and packages on the 99designs. The cost is determined by the services for which you are using the platform. For instance, the cost of logo designs ranges from $299 to $1299 if you are interested in them. In the same way, web page designs start at $599 and go up to $2499. 

The best part is that you can pay the freelancer once the project has been completed, and you have the option of a money-back guarantee.

Process & Procedure

99designs’ operational structure is impressive because it gives its users two straightforward choices. First, you can hire a freelancer to complete the task and pay once the assignment is finished. Secondly, you can run a contest where many independent contractors will send you their work, and you can pick the best among them. 

You can also ask for a refund if you’re unhappy with the tasks delivered to you.

Types of Designs

A wide range of services, including designing web pages, visual graphics, video productions, photography, and other brand marketing content, are now offered on the 99designs, which at first simply offered logo designs. On 99designs, you can hire hundreds of freelancers qualified to do your work.

Plan Value

The 99designs provides many payment options for logo and web design projects, starting at the lowest rates and moving up to the highest. 99designs charges a fixed fee of 5% against each successful order from the clients, whereas the designers’ fee gradually decreases from 15 to 5 percent with the gradual; increase in their profile level. High prices guarantee a high-quality project. 

The fact that all projects come with a 100% money-back guarantee in the event of dissatisfaction is a fascinating truth that makes 99designs a perfect choice.

Five Finest Rivals to 99designs

When you thoroughly search for alternatives, an extensive list of competitors who provide users with comparable services will come up. We aim to identify the best among them rather than list them all. The following options have been investigated and selected based on the predetermined criteria. Consider the following alternate options for 99designs:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Design Pickle
  4. Kimp
  5. DesignCrowd

Fiverr – At a Glance

When we talk about Fiverr, we must point out that this specific platform is becoming more and more well-known daily. Fiverr acts as a communication channel between clients and freelancers so that the project can be completed as needed. Better known as a respectable, quick, trustworthy, and high-quality online marketplace with affordable pricing points is Fiverr.

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Pricing & Bundles

Fiverr operates under a straightforward principle where the customer approaches the freelancer, and they decide on the price and budget for the particular project. Additionally, you have the freedom to work with a variety of freelancers for various tasks within your predetermined budget.


According to the gig economy model, thousands of freelancers have set up profiles on Fiverr so that prospective clients may view their Gigs and learn more about what they can do for them.

You can start by selecting the category you want, then narrow down the choices based on your needs, the style you require, the amount of money you have, and the amount of time you have to complete your project. Read the 15 Best Fiverr Jobs For Beginners in 2024.

After you have finished looking for your ideal freelancer, that person will start working on your project and finish it within the allocated time.

Design Types

Today Fiverr serves as the primary source of income for thousands of independent freelancers worldwide. The fascinating aspect of their extensive service offerings is that you can find any design, style, and service you need. 

For your project, you can locate a qualified logo maker and employ another qualified freelancer for your web design jobs. Fivver is an excellent option because of its wide selection of designs and experts.

Payment Plans

According to Fiverr’s policy, sellers will get the 80% of the total revenue for each completed project. In case of order cancellation, the funds will be transferred back to the buyer’s Fiverr balance. Additionally, sellers are bound to pay any direct or indirect taxes.

Once the order is completed, sellers can withdraw their revenue after a 14 days clearance period. In comparison, the top-rated sellers can withdraw their revenue after a safety clearance period of 7 days.

Freelancer – At a Glance is another potential online Marketplace where the client may reach out to the best freelancers for their project. One can start with an open-ended graphic design post and try to maintain contact with designers and creators of the respective field. Generally, the Freelancer works on connecting a freelancer to the client for the project to be done. In recent years they have also started a contest format similar to 99designs.

freelancer 1024x683 1

Pricing Schedule

On, the price schedule depends upon the type of project. For instance, a 3% or 3 dollar fee, whichever is higher, will be charged from employers for fixed-priced projects. Similarly, a 3% fee will be charged for hourly projects. The project can be canceled within the first 7 days after the project has been accepted for a full refund.

For freelancers, a 10% or 5 dollar fee, whichever is higher, will be charged by the platform for fixed-price projects, and a 10% fee will be charged for hourly projects.

Working Process

The way that operates is very comparable to other freelance platforms. All you have to do is describe your needs in a post request for your project, and freelancers will then submit their ideas for you. The platform offers you the chance for the reviews required and any modifications you need. Release the funds once the job is done.

Design Styles

Freelancer offers its customers a wide choice of possibilities for their projects, including business cards, t-shirt decoration, website design, and logo creation. You can hold a contest for any kind of project you’re looking for. You can go above and beyond some restrictions on this platform; for example, you can ask for artwork to be added to the project.

Plan Value

You can choose the plan from the variety offered on the platform. Several monthly subscription plans are available on the platform, including Basic, Plus, Professional, and Premier. You can also benefit yourself with a discount only if you opt for an annual subscription. The basic subscription plan will cost you about $4.95, Plus will cost $9.95, Professional will cost $29.95, and Premier will cost you about $59.95, respectively.

Design Pickle – At a Glance

This freelance platform is among the greatest on our list because it served as the industry’s pioneer and inspired countless others to work on similar projects. Design Pickle is unquestionably a perfect example of the graphic design business model. The business is well-known worldwide for its competitive pricing and satisfied clients.

design pickle 1024x792 1
Design Pickle

Pricing & Packages

Most individuals choose the basic plan, which starts at $499 per month. Your payment plan will determine how much of the charges you can save. Other packages include Graphic Pro, which starts at $995 per month, and Graphic Premium, which starts at $1695 per month respectively.

Working Process

Design Pickle is a comfortable platform for making several revisions to your projects. The procedure is straightforward; you can either email the freelancer directly or do so through the platform.

Design Types

You may find various graphic design works, including infographics and illustrations. When you upgrade to the pro plan, you’ll have access to more advanced tools like GIFs and PPTs.

Value Plan

When discussing the value plans for the platform mentioned above, it is essential to note that the basic plan provides customers with all the necessary capabilities to meet their needs. However, the Pro Plan gives you access to more cutting-edge tools and the ability to manage many projects simultaneously.

Kimp – At a Glance

The best online marketplace for the graphic design industry right now is Kimp. The platform offers limitless access to graphic creation tools for a fee that you must pay each month. The tools typically purchased on other platforms like this are available here for free.

kimp 1024x792 1

Kimp works in a very professional manner. You can oversee multiple projects and employ multiple designers for the same project.

Pricing & Packages

Kimp offers a simple pricing mechanism where you have to pay  $599 monthly for graphic design projects. If you are concerned with video designs and motion graphics, it will cost you about $699 monthly. If you want to opt for graphic and video designing, the monthly charges will rise to $995 a month.

Working Process

You can email or use Trello to communicate with the freelancers. Typically, you can expect to complete your project in a few days. Following the successful submission of the projects, you can avail yourself of several revisions and provide feedback.

Types of Designs

Customers can purchase a standard plan on Kimp that includes all the required tools and designs to complete a professional-level job. T-shirt designs, billboards, and imaginative graphics are among the projects.

Price Value

For a set monthly fee, the company gladly grants you full access to all the tools. This platform does not have hidden fees or Pro plans; you only need to pay monthly to access its resources.

DesignCrowd – At a Glance

By posting their projects on DesignCrowd, users can receive individual responses from freelancers. The user has the option to choose one of them. You also have the liberty to set the budget designated for your project. Simply said, this platform operates similarly to 99designs. With limitless graphic resources at your disposal, it is flexible in use.

designcrowd 1024x792 1

Pricing & Packages

The pricing mechanism of this platform is unique; designers are free to join the platform in the first place. DesignCrowd charges a 15% commission fee from the designers against each payment received. There are different types of payments that designers can receive, such as:

  • Place payments
  • Participation payments
  • Paid invites
  • Tips

Procedural framework

You can start your project by drafting a detailed brief that the freelancers will follow. Once the brief is uploaded on the platform, independent contractors worldwide will submit their designs for you. You can continue working with the same freelancer after choosing a design, and when the job is complete, you can release the payment and receive the files.

Design Types

The platform offers a broad range of projects, practically all of which fall under the general heading of graphic design. On the platform, there are several distinct kinds of projects. The projects range widely and include infographics, flexes, T-shirt designs, brochures, billboards, and more.

Plan Value

The platform allows the employer to determine the project budget but provides no monthly or annual payment plan. The freelancers and creators on this site are often on the same levels of competence and professional capacity. Therefore, there needs to be an assurance of good quality work.

Our Suggestions

Our recommendation for the finest alternative to 99designs is Kimp, both for the tools they provide and for the cost-effective business practices. Every online platform has advantages and disadvantages, but after a thorough investigation, we have determined that Kimp is the most incredible alternative because of its unique features, which are adored and acclaimed by people worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should designers use 99designs?

One of the best platforms for creating logos and other similar projects is Designers are strongly encouraged to use it and earn a lot of money. There are various package options available, and you can pick the one that best meets your needs, demands, and project.

Is DesignCrowd free for designers?

Yes, the said platform is free for designers. Designers from around the globe can easily sign up on the platform to start their graphic business online.

What are the best free logo makers?

Several free platforms are available where you can create your business logo. Following is the list of the best free options available for logo designing. Consider the following list in this regard:

  • Canva
  • Hatchful
  • Ucraft
  • Markmaker

Is Fiverr a good platform for graphic designers?

Fiverr undoubtedly stands out as one of the best platforms for designers to earn their living online. The platform provides international exposure where you can interact and work with clients from around the globe.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the entire issue, numerous online marketplaces and platforms are available nowadays. 99designs is still one of your top priorities regarding logo creation or graphic design. If you’re searching for the ideal substitute, we advise choosing Kimp. We have covered the finest alternatives to the mentioned platform in this article, but according to our research team, Kimp stands out as the most excellent choice.