This blog is a thorough resource for people looking for inexpensive domain name registrars in 2024. The top seven cheapest domain registrars, starting costs, and rankings are included. The blog also highlights the significance of selecting the appropriate domain name and extension while outlining typical blunders to avoid when registering a domain name.

The blog assists readers in choosing the most cost-effective solution their website needs by providing comprehensive information about each registrant.


Searching for the cheapest domain name registrars in 2024 at a highly affordable price? Well, you are in the right place as in this article we are going to share the top 7 cheapest domain name registration options. Registering a domain name can bring your online presence to the next level.

In order to build a website, you must first have to find a cheap but reliable domain registrar. The options are many and we have selected the top ten registrars for you that can easily fit your budget. Regardless of your professional expertise as a blogger, small or large-scale business owner, or entrepreneur, our comprehensive list will help you in choosing the right option for you.

We have spent weeks researching on your behalf and tried to cover everything revolving around domain name registration. After understanding the basics you will be able to make an informed decision. Don’t let the high registration charges hinder your way to launching your first site. Let’s now dive into The Ultimate Guide to the Top 7 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars in 2024.

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Top 7 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars in 2024

Although there are plenty of domain registrars available out there, we are aiming to list the cheapest options for you in 2024. This article will guide you in detail about the following domain registrars:

Sr.NoDomain Name RegistrarStarting PriceExplore
1BigRock$1.21Read More…
2Hostinger$0.99Read More…$1.5Read More…$1.99Read More…$0.01Read More…$1.99Read More…$0.98Read More…

What is a Domain Name?

A domain refers to a name that is unique and can identify a specific website on the world wide web. Anyone who wants to access your website will enter its domain name in the browser. You might have observed that there are two distinct parts of a website’s domain name: the first part is the name and the other is the extension.

The extension can also be called TLD which means The Top Level Domain. All you need is to pick the name for your site which has not been already registered and then choose the right TLD for your sites, common TLDs are: .com, .edu, .net, .org. There are TLDs that are country specific such as .pk, .us, .uk, .ca, and more.

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Domain names play a significant role in the branding and online identification of a website. They can also influence a website’s search engine rating, making them an important resource for organizations and people trying to build an online presence.

In order for websites to be accessed on the internet, domain name registrars, who serve as an intermediary between the domain name owner and the DNS, register and administer domain names. How to Increase your Domain Authority Easy Ways of 2024.

Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing a Domain Name

Developing a successful website to boost your online presence or business requires you to avoid some common errors that most newbies make. Consider the following points in this regard:

Not Doing Enough Research

The most common issue with beginners is their lack of research. During our research, we have come across many people who were not aware of the options available for domain registration. Without having a strong knowledge base about the pricing and packages of different domain registrars, they end up buying an expensive domain that might harm their budget constraints.    

Disregarding The Domain Extension

Domain names consist of two significant parts: the name and the extension. People who have no clear idea about domain name extensions end up buying something that is not suitable for their website. Sometimes the domain name appears to be unavailable as the extension chosen is not right. So, considering your website’s domain name extension is crucial to succeed in your business endeavors. 

Failing To Verify a Domain Name’s Availability

This is the most common mistake that causes buying a wrong or unavailable domain name. Most people don’t consider this significant point and end up losing their money with a wrong purchase. In this way, the buyers not only lose their money but also fail to buy their desired domain name.  

Not Verifying The Domain Name’s Accessibility in Other Countries

We strongly recommend our readers check and verify the accessibility of your desired domain name in other countries to avoid any unwanted loss. It has been observed that most people forget to check this important thing and as a result, they end up losing their money due to the selection of the wrong extension.  

Check, If Your Domain Name is Available in Other Extensions

This is another common issue that occurs during a domain name purchase as people forget to check it before making a purchase and ultimately end up bearing an unwanted loss. So, choosing the right extension and verifying your domain name’s availability in the target extension is crucial. 

Not Examining The Domain Name’s Renewal Cost

Domain name registrars generally offer promotional prices to attract maximum buyers but if you make up your mind to purchase a domain name at the promotional price then you should also check its renewal cost. In such a case, you can benefit yourself only for the first purchase but after that, the price value will be raised gradually by the registrar. As a result, you will be spending a lot more money in years to come. 

7 Cheap Domain Name Registrars – Complete Guide


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It’s been a decade since BigRock earned an international reputation among webmasters worldwide by providing them with web hosting services and domain name registration under the same roof at the best prices.

The company took its birth in Mumbai, India back in 2010. Since then BigRock has strived its best to win the confidence of its users and ultimately gained popularity and grown so big as it currently serves more than six million domain names in India alone. 

Experts and newbies both can utilize this platform regardless of their technical expertise. BigRock has made its interface highly user-friendly and even a child can easily navigate and register a website domain on the platform without any trouble.

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What it will cost you to buy a domain from

Domain ExtensionRegisterRenewTransfer

You can find all types of popular domain extensions on the platform including .biz, .org, .info, .me, .co, .mobi, .com, .in, .net, and others. If you are interested in country-specific domains like, .in, .us,, etc, you can easily find and purchase them all on this platform. The availability of domain names and extensions assists the user to find and purchase the best domain that suits best the business and to cater to the needs of the users.

Apart from its outstanding services, a wide range of domain extensions and excellent customer support another major attraction is BigRock’s highly affordable pricing. You can regularly avail of the promotional discounts that are frequently offered by the company. So, if you want a reliable domain registrar at the lowest pricing then BigRock can be your dream destination. 


Hostinger is primarily a web hosting platform and offers domain name registration among its various hosting services. In our opinion, Hostinger should be considered one of the best domain name providers. Like any other domain registrar, Hostinger can manage domain name registration for you. Registering a domain name refers to the concept of reserving a dedicated address on the internet for your website.

hostinger 1024x495 1

The platform is offering all domain types including popular ones like .org, .com, .net, and others. You can also find country-specific domains on Hostinger like .fr, .co, .uk, .pk, and so on. Hostinger has a different range of domains that are not so common such as .xyz, .online, and others. If you want to register a domain, simply check its availability from the website and you can purchase it directly from Hostinger. 

Despite Hostinger’s worldwide popularity, reliability, and 100% uptime guarantee, it offers highly competitive pricing on registering your domain. You can check the pricing from lowest to highest from the table given below.

An important point here is that Hostinger’s pricing is different for different domain extensions. The domain pricing also depends upon the time duration for which you want to purchase the domain name. The longer the time period, the cheaper the domain pricing.   

What it will cost you to buy a domain from

Domain ExtensionRegisterRenew

You can also avail domain transfer service offered by Hostinger to transfer any of your existing domains to the Hostinger domain name registrar.  

Hostinger is a cheaper, affordable yet reliable domain registrar that offers its users highly competitive pricing and services. So, it can be managed within the specified budget constraints. The platform is user-friendly and offers 24/7 customer support. It’s hard for other registrars to match the reputation level of Hostinget that it has acquired due to its reliable services since 2004. Simply said, you can trust this platform for domain registration. is a big name when it comes to registering a site’s domain. The company also offers website development and web hosting services. Let’s now discuss the reasons that are convincing enough to consider for the website’s domain name registration.

name 1024x485 1 has everything you need to register your domain at an affordable price. The platform offers all popular domain extensions like .net, .com, .org, and others. You can also choose a country-specific name depending on your business requirements.

For example, and .ca. There are some other options as well which are quite less common like .ninja and .beer etc. Choose your domain, check its availability, buy it and you can register it from the same website.  

When it comes to the quality of services, has earned an international reputation among webmasters around the globe. But the best thing is their affordable pricing. The details of pricing against different services are given in the table below.

Another interesting service that the platform offers to its users is the ‘domain backorder’ service. This service will notify you that the domain which was previously unavailable has now become available.  

What it will cost you to buy a domain from

Domain ExtensionRegisterRenewTransfer

Apart from domain name registration, the platform also offers hosting services. You can access its customer support 24/7. Despite all of its premium quality services, the pricing is quite competitive and affordable.

The domain extensions are available in wide numbers and you can buy the one of your choice at the cheapest price. So website owners with budget constraints have been utilizing this platform’s services since its origin, back in 2003. Read the Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Name Details Comparison.

If you are still struggling to find out the best domain name Registrar then you should consider which is undoubtedly a great platform that offers hosting services as well as domain name registration services at quite affordable prices.

bluehost 1024x499 1

You can right away visit and utilize its free tool to find a perfect domain for your site. All you need is to give a Keyword to the tool and the tool will give you a list of available domain names that are relevant to the given keyword. After selecting the domain name for your business or industry, the next step is to register it on the same website that is

The next ability of the said tools is that they can make different variations to suggest to the users their dream domain name that best describes their business. For instance, if you enter “business” as a keyword then the possible suggestions might be “” or “” etc. These variations can assist the users to formulate unique names for their websites’ domains.

What it will cost you to buy a domain from

Domain ExtensionRegisterRenewTransfer

One important point to discuss here is that the domain names that are generated by the tool are available for a shorter period of time. Sometimes it happens that you have generated a domain name but when you go to register it, the name appears to be unavailable. This is why we advise our readers to act quickly, if you have chosen a name then register it at the earliest.

Other than that this tool is wonderful to have auto-generated domain name ideas. So, if you are planning to buy a domain for your website then we suggest you try at least once before making a purchase. The platform is simple to use even for the beginners and it offers creative suggestions regarding domain names so that you can find the best one for your industry or business.

During our research, we have come across many individuals who are unaware of the significance of finding a perfect domain name for their website. Although the task is sometimes time taking and frustrating, you should aim to find a name that can create a memory in the reader’s mind, it should be easy to read, spell and pronounce and most importantly it should fit your business as well. The good news is that Godaddy’s domain name generator can assist you well in this regard.

Godaddy has provided its users with a free domain name generator tool to generate your website’s name. You can start by entering a keyword relevant to your business and the tool will do the rest for you. It will give you a list of available domain names that can be easily registered by the same platform.

godaddy 1024x444 1

This Godaddy tool is quite simple and easy to use. It does not require any technical expertise on the part of the user. Just write your keyword in the ‘search bar’ and press ‘enter’, wait for a few seconds and a list of domain names will appear in front of you.

You can choose and register the one of your choice. Another interesting feature of Godaddy’s domain name generator tool is its ability to give suggestions and variations relevant to your entered name or keyword.

For instance, in response to the domain name “education”, the suggested variations might be “” or “”. The variation allows our brain to think out of the box and find a unique name for the website. 

What it will cost you to buy a domain from

Domain ExtensionRegister

Lastly, we advise you to keep your task or generate a domain name as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the domain you will choose might not be available at the time of registration. So, do this procedure of generating and selecting a domain name for a website as quickly as you can.

Without owning a domain name you cannot establish your online presence, whether for your business or for another purpose. Your website’s domain is in fact its unique identity by which people will access and remember your website.

We agree that finding the best domain name is quite a challenge and sometimes frustrating. But it is something you should do with great care. Select a domain name that you find best for your business. You can also utilize’s domain name generator.

domain 1024x470 1

The domain name generator is a free tool offered by that can be utilized to search for a unique name for your business or personal blog. 

The method is simple, all you need is to enter a keyword or phrase associated with the website you are creating into the domain name generator, and the tool will provide a list of available domain names that match the entered keyword or phrase. The list is produced based on the domain names’ availability and the level of keyword popularity.

Another benefit of using’s name generator is the availability of multiple domain extensions such as .biz, .info, .com, .net, and more. This tool is made to assist users to search for the unique and best-suited domain names for their websites. The tool not only saves time and effort but also provides you with multiple options to choose from.  

What it will cost you to buy a domain from

Domain ExtensionRegisterRenewTransfer

Additionally, the platform offers a number of other web-related services like email hosting, designing, web hosting, etc. As a result, it serves as a one-stop shop for customers who want to build an impressive online presence relevant to their needs and preferences.

This platform is one of the most popular platforms for domain name generation to build your online presence. It offers a number of services related to domain name generation, registration, and more. Namecheap also offers a free domain name generator tool so that users can easily find the best available domains for their websites.

namecheap 1024x469 1

The tool is quite simple to use and operate. You do not need to be an expert to utilize this facility. Start by entering the keyword relevant to your business in the “search bar” and in a matter of seconds a list will appear on your screen containing all the popular available domain names so that you can choose the best. Once you are done searching, will register your chosen domain name for your website.    

The domain generator tool has the ability to give you ideas in the form of multiple suggested variations. For instance, “” and “” might be the possible variation for the keyword “photography”. You can take help from these variations and can devise a unique domain name for your website. 

What it will cost you to buy a domain from

Domain ExtensionRegisterRenewTransfer

Once you select the name, register quickly as after some time it might not be available as someone else has taken it already. Additionally, your search is not limited to a particular extension only; rather, you can find several domain extensions other than the “.com” domain extension. The other extensions include .io, .co, .org, .net, and so on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a domain name generator work?

Using a keyword or phrase that is pertinent to your company or industry, a domain name generator creates a list of accessible domain names. To assist you in coming up with a distinctive and memorable domain name, the tool offers word alternatives and combinations.

Can I trust the availability of the domain names suggested by the generator?

Although a domain name generator can be useful, its availability is subject to quick change. If you find a domain name you like, it’s crucial to act quickly and confirm its availability with a domain registrar before registering it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, selecting the ideal domain name for your company or website might be difficult. Fortunately, the process can be streamlined and made more enjoyable by using domain name generators provided by different hosting and domain registrar companies. You may quickly create a list of suitable domain names using a domain name generator based on pertinent keywords and phrases.

Then, you can decide which one helps your business stand out from the competition and best represents your brand. However, keep in mind that availability is subject to quick change, so act quickly and confirm with a domain registrar before deciding on a domain name. You can build a strong online presence and get more visitors to your website with the appropriate domain name.