Fiverr is an emerging online marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact to do business deals. If you are one of those individuals who want to deactivate their accounts due to any reason, you are at the right place. This post will help you understand the built-in deactivation feature of Fiverr.

We will teach you the complete method that how to delete a Fiverr account permanently. Fiverr has simplified the deactivation process by installing a deactivation feature into your account. Read this article from start to end to understand the complete deactivation process.

Follow These Steps to Delete Your Fiverr Account

The deactivation process is simple and easy to perform. Simply follow the steps below, and you will permanently delete a Fiverr account.

Sign In to Your Existing Account

Sign in to your existing account; without it, you cannot start the deactivation process. You can sign in using the following mediums:

  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

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Click on Profile Picture

Once you are signed in, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page. In case you haven’t uploaded your profile picture previously, find and click on your first initial, as it will appear in place of the picture there. Open the drop-down menu by clicking on the profile picture or your first initial.

click on profile 768x50 1

Click “Settings” on the Menu

The drop-down menu will show you different options, including profile, refer & get up to $100, settings, English, PKR, help & support, and logout. You must click on “Settings” to open the deactivation page.

Delete a Fiverr Account

Choose a Suitable Reason

You must choose a suitable reason from the menu to deactivate your account permanently. Choosing a suitable reason is mandatory before deactivation. After selecting a reason from the menu, scroll down the page and find the “Account Deactivation” option at the page’s end.

choose the reason

Add Some Optional Details

Fiverr has given you an option in which you can add some extra details explaining the reasons for the deactivation of your account in detail. The company will soon use the details given as a guideline to improve its services and policies. You can write the details in the “Help us become better” box. It’s up to you whether you want to give this information. If you are not interested, skip this section, as it is optional.

optional details

Click the “Deactivate Account” Option

It is the last step in the process. Think for the last time before clicking on this option. Once you click the deactivation button, it will permanently delete your account without leaving you any chance for reactivation.

deactivate account

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Permanent Account Deactivation is Irreversible

We hope that you have understood the process of deactivating your Fiverr account. Before deleting or deactivating the account, we want you to ponder the following points.

  • The process is irreversible once you delete the account, it’s gone permanently.
  • Critically review your account for orders and messages before deactivation.
  • Try to retrieve your important files.

Some Important Considerations

  • Once your account is deleted, you cannot reuse its username again.
  • You cannot delete the account if you have Fiverr funds in your account.
  • You must either return the funds or withdraw them to delete your account permanently.
  • For reactivation, you need to contact and request customer support service.
  • After closing your account, public pictures, comments, and text messages will remain.
  • You will have to use a new email ID for the new account opening, as you cannot use the previous one again.

Our Recommendations

Different people have different reasons behind their Fiverr account deactivation. The reason we have uncovered this is that the market on Fiverr has become highly saturated. Due to this saturation, it becomes difficult for beginners to land a job on the platform.

If you are suffering from similar challenges, we advise you to learn the working mechanism of Fiverr. After exerting some effort and waiting with patience, you will get your job. If there are some other reasons, then the deactivation process has been cited above in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I permanently delete my Fiverr account for free?

Fiverr has given you a built-in function for account deactivation. You can use this feature to deactivate your existing account permanently. Fiverr does not charge any fees for account creation or deactivation.

How do I quit my Fiverr business?

If you are a business account member, you need to ask your admin to remove you. Otherwise, you will need help to close it. Once the admin removes you, the account will be closed. You can contact customer support for further assistance.

How can I cancel my Fiverr subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription by opening the order page and going to the subscription tab. But you should request the cancellation 10 days before the renewal date. Otherwise, it will affect your seller metrics.

Final Words

In conclusion, the deactivation process is quite simple and easy to follow. Before deactivating your account, kindly review your orders and retrieve the essential documents for future use, as the deactivation process is irreversible. Once you delete the account, all the information will vanish. Keep in mind the essential considerations cited above. Follow the method given above in this article to deactivate your Fiverr account permanently.