To enhance your site’s authority, you need to increase its domain authority first, which is a metric indication. It would be best to raise the domain authority metrics to make your website rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The higher domain authority potentially improves your chances of getting more traffic by ranking your website higher on Google and other search engines.

The domain authority metric is primarily based on several factors that rank the domains of the websites, Moz first developed it, and since then, many other companies have also attempted to invent similar tools to assist site owners worldwide. D.A. metrics generally rate the targeted site on a scale ranging from 1 to 100. We have listed websites where you can get Free Domains.


The article focuses on raising your website’s domain authority (DA) so that it will rank higher and receive more visitors from search engines. The DA measure, which ranges from 1 to 100, estimates your website’s anticipated SERPs ranking and is mostly based on several variables that rate the websites’ domains. The post offers seven doable strategies for raising your site’s DA, including enhancing off-page SEO, boosting on-page SEO, and ensuring your website is mobile-friendly. The blog also goes over some important ideas regarding DA and how to calculate it.

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One of Google’s founding fathers, Larry Page, introduced the idea of raking sites’ domains based on their authority counted from PageRank. This article will explore everything surrounding web domains and give you 7 practical ways to rank your sites’ domains higher than ever. Read the Winner oh chatbot AI ChatGPT VS Google Bard Detailed Comparison.

Domain Authority (DA): Things You Must Know

Your website’s domain authority refers to the rating score ranging from 1 to 100. The number of the score will give you a predictive idea about your website’s expected SERPs ranking. This score differs from the one you see on Google Page Rank. Moz and other software try to replicate Google’s ranking algorithm by taking into account all relevant factors that may affect rankings and assigning scores to domains for comparison.

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Simply said, DA ratings are nothing more than a generalization about the domain of your website that is made exclusively on information that Moz has about it. DA ratings don’t guarantee accuracy; rather, they give you an approximation so you may improve the efficiency of your SEO strategy. Although a domain may occasionally rank higher on Google despite having a low domain authority, this is a common and expected occurrence.

Some Key Concepts To Know About DA

Kindly ponder your thoughts on the following points to explore more about DA:

  • The domain is Under a Penalty: Your site’s domain will automatically lose its ranking if it is under a penalty by Google. This penalty is not surely known by Moz, so sometimes, Moz shows high domain authority while the domain of the targeted site is under penalty.
  • Google’s Ranking Algorithm: There are hundreds of known ranking factors involved in Google’s ranking algorithm. Nobody can tell you the exact number of factors involved in the site’s running, but experts say there are more or less 200 known ranking factors. At the same time, only 40 factors are considered by the domain authority. 
  • Raising DA isn’t Easy: Raising your website’s domain authority has never been easy. If you want to raise your site’s DA in just a matter of a day or two, it won’t happen. 
  • DA Logarithmic Scale: Your site’s domain authority is based on a logarithmic scale which shows that raising your DA score from 20 to 30 is less difficult than raising it from 70 to 80. The difficulty level rises with the rise in the website’s Domain Authority.
  • The Frequently Changing DA: Because of how quickly it changes, DA is more of a website statistic for domain comparisons than a metric to gauge your SEO success over time.

Right Way To Calculate Domain Authority

According to field experts, almost 200 ranking factors are known to date. Moz considers only 40 of them while calculating Domain Authority, and a few of these factors are given below:

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  • Consider how many external links are leading from your website.
  • The standard and appropriateness of incoming links.
  • The caliber of the content on your site.
  • Social Indicators 
  • Overall SEO effectiveness of your website

Find Your Websites Domain Authority (DA):

Firstly go to the Moz domain analysis tool, then write your domain name, press ‘enter,’ and the results will be displayed on your screen. If you have a Domain want to Host it Read this Guide Free Web Hosting for you In 2024.

Page Authority (PA): All You Need To Know

Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are similar metrics with one key difference. DA considers domain-wide metrics, while PA considers Page-wise metrics. Page Authority metrics use data specified to a specific page. PA score will guide you about the strength of the page so that you can work more to rank it high on search engines. To get a higher DA score on search engines, you must improve the page authority and raise your site’s PA level.

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Now that the definition and calculation of domain authority are clear let’s examine techniques to increase your domain authority.

7 Things To Do To Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

Follow these steps to enhance your site’s domain authority practically:

  • Improve Off-Page SEO
  • Optimize On-Page SEO
  • Improve Technical SEO
  • Confirm That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly
  • Make Your Page Speed Faster
  • Boost Your Online Presence
  • Show patience

Improve Off-Page SEO

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Your link profile serves as the most important metric. Websites with healthy and relevant link profiles will have higher DA ratings than those with unhealthy ones. So let’s talk about what a powerful link profile might look like. Take into account the following details in this regard:

  1. It has backlinks from very reputable websites.
  2. Relevant websites provide backlinks.
  3. There aren’t any broken links.
  4. It must have links from many different domains.

Off-Page SEO refers to improving your link profile through SEO strategies and techniques to acquire good links to improve your site’s ranking eventually. Another significant aspect of improving your link profile is raising the domain authority and removing the bad links. 

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  • Removing Bad Links: Get rid of any damaging links. You can use tools such as Moz Explorer or Semrush to detect these harmful or bad links. You can remove the link or request to disavow bad backlinks.
  • Making Link Profile Better: Acquire reliable backlinks from sites that are related. Link building is a vast field and your website must have backlinks from different websites to increase domain authority.
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  • Natural Link Building: If you have successfully made remarkably great content for your website that started attracting links from other websites, then this natural linking process is regarded as ‘natural link building.’ It happens when a visitor visits your website approaches your articles, and wants to link your content to one of their articles. But to make it possible, your site should have link-worthy content. 

The content must be unique, original, up-to-date, insightful, and competent enough to attract webmasters to reference it in other articles. Natural link-building always works, but bringing many readers to your blog isn’t easy, as it will require both time and effort.

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  1.  Blogger Outreach: Blogger outreach refers to approaching numerous webmasters to tell them about your existence. By doing this, you will enhance the likelihood that their articles will connect to your website. So, you have two options in this regard: either you can wait for the webmasters to reach your blog or reach out to them. 

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another significant aspect of bringing your website’s domain authority to the next level is by enhancing and improving its on-page SEO. On-page SEO serves as the backbone for your page and content optimization. Consider the following points in this regard:

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  • Creating compelling titles and descriptions that are search engine optimized (SEO).
  • Use H1 and H2 headings appropriately in your text to improve its value.
  • Construct your URLs and permalinks with SEO in mind.
  • Optimizing all media assets, such as photographs, videos, etc., to maximize their visibility in search results.
  • Using relevant keywords naturally and sparingly in your writing.
  • A powerful SEO strategy is including internal links in your content.
  • Format your content to make it more likely to appear in Google’s highlighted snippets.

Our research team has spent long hours uncovering an important aspect of enhancing domain authority. According to our experts, the content’s quality is crucial and undoubtedly the biggest ranking factor for your website’s overall SEO. Google wants you to keep your site’s content up-to-date and unique. For ChatGPT Lovers we have a Gift for you ChatGPT Prompts.

Improving Your Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with minor SEO tasks; once you are done with it, it won’t bother you anymore. Make sure to keep your site’s technical SEO on track from the beginning in case the technical SEO is incorrect, and then it will cost you your domain authority and blog’s rankings.

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Kindly Consider the Following Key Aspects of Technical SEO:

  • Register your website with Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console.
  • Develop and improve your XML sitemap, and present it to Google.
  • Review your robots.txt settings, and use Fetch as Google to confirm that search engine crawlers can easily explore your website.
  • Consider moving your website to HTTPS.
  • Incorporate structured data (schema) to assist search engines in comprehending the meaning of your content.
  • Ensure that each page has a well-defined breadcrumbs menu.
  • Properly implement hreflang tags if you have a multi-lingual website.

Ensuring Your Website is Responsive to Mobile Devices

Nowadays, most people access the web through mobile devices like cell phones. This is why mobile responsiveness is no longer optional but mandatory for a successful website. The key reasons are given below:

  • Mobile searches have increased by 60%.
  • Most of the time, people start from mobile and then switch to the desktop and continue.
  • Website mobile friendliness is an important ranking factor.
  • Websites that need mobile-friendly versions will not be considered in Google’s mobile-first index, a feature presently being developed.
  • Your overall Domain Authority Score may decrease if your website needs a responsive or mobile-friendly version.
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Run a test on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test for your domain directly if you’re not sure if your site is mobile-friendly. Google will identify important areas after the test that will help you make your website incredibly mobile-responsive.

Improve Your Website Page Speed

Page speed is a crucial ranking factor for websites on Google. For instance, if your website loads super quickly, then Google will love it compared to a website with a slower loading time. We advise you to focus on improving the page speed of your blog because it will not only raise the domain authority of your blog but will also cause a better user experience.

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Ultimately your purposes of getting more sales and attracting more signups and leads will be fulfilled. Keeping your page speed at a great pace requires skill and effort. If you are unable to hire a professional developer, then ponder your thoughts on the following points to tackle this issue:

  • Remove any excess plugins.
  • Use the latest plugins and WordPress versions.
  • Obtain a performance report for your server from the hosting company.
  • Install wp-rocket or another similar plugin.
  • Decrease the size of image files.
  • For videos, utilize YouTube or another similar platform.
  • If your CSS files are large and you have many images, use a CDN (content delivery network).

Gain More Social Signals

Google has not declared social signals a vital part of its ranking factors. But if you have a keen observation, you can easily understand a clear correlation between pages and social signals regarding ranking high on Google. It is beyond doubt that popular pages have maximum likes, tweets, and shares.

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Improve your website’s domain authority by acting upon the following advice:

  1. Attract maximum followers on your Facebook page. 
  2. Enhance your social media presence so your shared content gets some traction.
  3. Placing a social media button on your site’s page is mandatory for content sharing.

Be Patience

Patience is crucial to succeed in raising the site’s DA. It is a detailed task overloaded with technical stuff, and surely it can’t be done overnight because it will take some time for Moz crawlers to scan and analyze your website. The following variables will determine when the adjustments start to affect your website’s search engine rankings:

  • The scope of the changes.
  • How frequently search engines crawl your site. 

As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on your site’s performance and make changes as necessary to keep it optimized for search engines.

Additionally, raising the search engine ranks of your website might help your domain authority score. You may prove to Moz and other ranking systems that your website is a trustworthy and excellent source of information by continually striving to enhance your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

As a result, your website’s domain authority score, a crucial statistic used by search engines to assess the legitimacy and relevancy of a website, may gradually rise. Therefore, it is worthwhile to put time and effort into search engine optimization of your website in order to raise both your search rankings and domain authority score.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Raise my Domain Authority Score? What is it, exactly?

How well a site will rank is predicted by domain authority, to be precise. Create high-quality content, establish backlinks, and SEO-optimize your website to improve it.

How Long Does it Take to Raise the DA of a Website?

The process of raising your DA score takes time. Focus on creating a comprehensive SEO plan.

Final Thoughts 

Finally, strengthening your website’s domain authority is crucial for raising your search engine ranks and boosting organic traffic to your site. You may gradually raise your domain authority score over time by adhering to the suggestions offered in this article, such as making your website mobile-friendly, optimizing it for search engines, and constructing high-quality backlinks. Remember that improving your domain authority score requires time, work, and a thorough SEO plan, but the increased visibility and traffic your website will get will make an effort worthwhile.