It is no secret that people establish careers in internet businesses using online marketplaces like PeoplePerHour. The website is a channel for freelancers and potential customers to do business. To earn more money that enables you to raise your standard of living, you can choose between working full or part-time.

You can thoroughly evaluate the PeoplePerHour in this article and its advantages and disadvantages to help beginners like you make the most of it. Please read this entire post to learn everything you need to know to advance your career on

PeoplePerHour – An Overview

Our team spent a lot of time investigating the products and services on other online marketplaces comparable to PeoplePerHour. We genuinely appreciate the worth of your precious time because we are freelancers too. You have already saved a lot of time and work if you read this post to become a successful freelancer. Weeks have been spent looking for the ideas to be discussed in our study of the PeoplePerHour platform. Please consider the following ideas:

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Legitimacy of PeoplePerHour

It is, without a doubt, a legitimate internet business platform that Simos, Thrasyvoulou, and Xenios founded at the beginning of 2007. Since its inauguration, its primary office has been in London. The other offices are in Athens, Greece.

Whether a business owner or a freelancer, you may rely on PeoplePerHour. Working on it has many advantages, but there are also some drawbacks.

Dealing With Scammers

PeoplePerHour is dealing with the severe problem of reducing scammers to keep business floating on the platform, much like many other platforms of a similar nature. You cannot ignore the potential of being conned in today’s environment.

Other trustworthy freelance platforms like Wonolo and Shiftgig are also attempting to stop the spreading of scammers. People are promoting fictitious employment and ambiguous possibilities and engaging in other exploitative behaviors that hurt the market’s potential for business.

Top Ranking Business Platform

Despite the hurdles, scams, and obstacles, PeoplePerHour has managed to rank among the top 10 online earning platforms. You can quickly verify it from Google. The factors contributing to this excellent rating will be covered in more detail below.

Award Winning Startup

This fantastic knowledge will make you feel better if you are scared after reading the negative reviews of the platform. PeoplePerHour was recognized as one of the top 100 hottest startups in Europe in 2012 and received an award from Wired UK due to its original concept and persistent efforts.

Multiple Hiring Options

The PeoplePerHour offers multiple hiring options, which are stated below:

  • Search offer
  • Search freelancer
  • Post projects

Beware of Scams

According to studies, all renowned online platforms are continually fighting to prevent scammers and other undesirables from their platforms to maintain their highest functioning potential. For this reason, we advise you to exercise caution and not rely solely on PeoplePerHour. Like Facebook, the Giants believe they can’t monitor every misleading post. Simply put, locating a flawless business without difficulties, drawbacks, and fraud is complex.

PeoplePerHour – Working Mechanism

The first step in starting your online business career on is to sign up for an account. To learn more, follow the steps below.

Register Your Account

Create an account on PeoplePerHour and manage it. The problem is that you can only manage one account at a time. On PeoplePerHour, multiple accounts are not permitted. Read the Complete Guide: How to Create and Approve PeoplePerHour Account.

Create & Update Your Profile

You can create your profile on PeoplePerHour even if you don’t know anything about it, as it is so simple. You must concentrate on the professional aspect of your profile to succeed in the platform’s competitive atmosphere. You need to provide the following information in your profile:

  • Upload a top-quality and clear picture.
  • Make a description of your qualifications, your hourly fee, and other crucial details.
  • Instead of emphasizing oneself, your profile should highlight your clients.
  • Create and maintain a professional portfolio that showcases your previous projects, work, and recommendations.

Add Payment Details

Payment details are a crucial requirement to conduct business on PeoplePerHour and receive payments where you need them.

Reviews & Ratings

The reviews clients leave for freelancers at the end of the work are the most significant factors to consider. To raise your profile, you should strive for a 5-star rating and the best reviews possible. It would reduce your profile potential if you received unfavorable reviews and ratings. The potential customers who look at your profile will examine the reviews and reject you for the job.

Search Your Job

Once your profile is complete, you’ll be able to look for jobs that interest you and begin using PeoplePerHour to make money. Freelancers can find potential clients while working on, where hundreds of job posts are constantly available.

Art of Bidding

Another essential component to seize the opportunity on the platform you work on is bidding for your job. We will provide you with all the information you need to understand the art of bidding and become a prosperous freelancer. Take into account the following elements as necessary in this regard:

  • Just keep in mind that you can bid on up to 15 job postings each month while placing your bid.
  • Placing a bid for 15 job openings is brilliant, but it also relies on your capacity.
  • When applying for any employment, carefully review the position.
  • Sending simple suggestions to maximum job posts is not a good idea because you won’t receive any opportunities.
  • Continuously develop customized, client-focused proposals when seeking jobs.
  • You need to specify your talents on your profile.

Await the customer’s response

You need to be patient after applying for the job and wait a while for the client’s response. Once you get an interested client, you can communicate with them to discuss the project further in detail.

Workstream Messaging

Depending on your requirements and goals, you can utilize workstream messaging to communicate with freelancers or potential clients. Communicating with clients via PeoplePerHour’s built-in messaging system is highly recommended. Additionally, it will support you during disagreements and conflicts.

Additional Notes

Make your profile appear professional so potential customers will view it and contact you about working with them. If your customer falls in love with your profile, they may also urge you to submit a bid for the job they are offering.

Once you can establish a solid rapport with your customers, you just have to focus on working with repeated customers.

Getting Paid for the Job

You must use the platform to send and receive all payments. There are numerous available currencies. You can choose the one you desire. The payment process and how you will be paid must be made clear from the start of the project. If both parties agree, a milestone payment method is also permitted.

You can only put your income in your online account for a month. Simply put, you have 30 days to transfer the money from your PeoplePerHour account to your bank account.

Multiple Currency Options

The following currency options are available:

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR

Direct Deposit Options

These options include the following:

  • Bank account
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
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Strive to Get Good Reviews

It’s been stated that word-of-mouth is everything in an online company, so getting the best ratings from your clients and customers can help you stand out as one of the finest freelancers on the market. For this purpose, keep the following things in mind:

  • Be communicative without being chatty.
  • Without holding back, strive to ask all the pertinent questions.
  • Provide the customer with a favorable rating and get one in return.

PeoplePerHour Payment System

It is clear from the name that if you work for, you will be paid hourly. The client and the freelancer can decide the rate for the project under consideration.

Escrow Safety Account

The money will be transferred to the Escrow account for security once the agreement is completed and your client has decided to purchase your services. The system will release your funds once the job is completed. If the project you submit needs improvements, your client may request at least two revisions.

Fees & Charges

It is essential to understand the charges required by the platform per the company’s terms and conditions.

  • PeoplePerHour will deduct 20% of your total income for earnings below $700 per client.
  • For earnings ranging between $700 to $7000, it will charge a 7.5% service fee from you.
  • For earnings exceeding $7000, a 3.5% service fee will be charged by PeoplePerHour.

Types of Jobs Available on PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour provides talented freelancers worldwide with a massive selection of online tasks. Programmers, writers, translators, designers, and digital marketers make a career on this freelance platform. Making and generating movies, photographs, business cards, and musical audio are additional employment categories. Searching for marketers, brand ambassadors, salespeople, and social media managers on PeoplePerHouris a brilliant idea.

Merits of PeoplePerHour

  • The platform is easy to use, operate, and manage.
  • Thousands of jobs are constantly available here.
  • Escrow accounts for the safety of payments.
  • Built-in messaging system.
  • It is a legit business platform.

Demerits of PeoplePerHour

  • The fee and charges are a bit high.
  • If you keep your money in your PeoplePerHour account for more than a month, they will charge you an extra fee.
  • The market is highly saturated.
  • Freelance work is unable to provide you with a massive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PeoplePerHour a reliable source for hiring freelancers?

It is a trustworthy source to search for freelancers who are experts in different fields, including graphic designing, video making, image editing, business card designing, and many more. You can find a freelancer within your budget and get your job done as you desire.

How much does it cost to use PeoplePerHour?

Freelancers and clients can set their prices for the projects. The per-hour rate starts at $8, whereas the per-project rate starts at $10.

How much can I make on

Undoubtedly, thousands of freelancers earn a handsome living from the same platform, but your success depends on your skills and the number of hours you decide to work on the platform.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the entire topic, PeoplePerHour is one of the most trustworthy online sources of income. Clients can discover freelancers to complete their tasks, and they may choose the work offered by potential clients. To handle conflicts and disagreements, the company employs a built-in message system. Additionally, it provides a bank account for financial security. Despite the PeoplePerHour services, there is a danger of being scammed. When you can identify the nice individuals so you may begin cooperating with them, PeoplePerHour is trustworthy, legal, safe, and simple to use, run, and manage.