If you are searching for a comprehensive productivity tool, look no further. This article is going to explore Taskade, one of the best business productivity enhancement tools powered by AI. With this tool, you can utilize artificial intelligence to impressively cater to your tasks and projects, and manage your business workflow.

You can find Taskade extensions for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers respectively. If you want to use the Taskade app, it is available for all operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Before we dive into the details of Taskade Review 2024, the pertinent features of this great AI app are as follows:

  • Multiple project views
  • Collaboration tools
  • Enhanced productivity with AI assistance 
  • Lots of pre-built templates

Taskade Review 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

Individuals dealing with creative tasks, the team works, and entrepreneurs can best utilize Taskade as an ultimate productivity tool powered by AI to manage their workflow successfully. In simple words, Taskade enables you to do the following tasks:

  • You can keep track of your business growth in one specified workplace. 
  • Taskade enables its users to create, assign, and set deadlines for the project at hand.
  • You can also create notes and supervise your teammates with ease.
  • You can break down more significant projects into sub-projects and easy-to-follow task listings.
taskade 1024x373 1

Another drastic feature of Taskade is that it has brought the organization of the workspace to new heights. Here you can divide your project into several sections and subsections so that you can completely focus on the most important tasks while supervising the others.

Teammates can do their tasks as directed by you and Taskade also enables the teammates to talk and exchange ideas with their fellows. The app is super fast, light, and runs super quick. With Taskade, you can work together more effectively and efficiently, complete tasks more quickly, and be more creative. Control your Website Social Accounts With Automate Vista Social Tool Read Complete Review.

Taskade Pricing and Packages

When it comes to Taskade pricing, it offers six different pricing plans, out of which three are for individual use while three are for business purposes and team use. The details of the pricing plans are given as follows:

 Free PlanStarter PlanPlus PlanPro PlanBusiness PlanUltimate Plan
Cost (monthly)Free$8$16$39$99$199
Storage250 MB2 GB5 GB20 GB100 GB1000 GB
Project History7-days project history1-month project history3-months project history6-months project history1-year project history5-years project history
AI Credits per month1000500010,00050,000250,000unlimited
FeaturesTask list, team Calendar, meeting notes, and mind mapFree plan features + Guest sharing, Calendar integration, and syncingStarter plan features + Cloud pub load integration with Dropbox and Google DriveStarter plan features + Password protection and team permissionsPlus plan features + 5000+ integrations and automation and external team collaborationBusiness plan features + Single sign-on via Okta, Google, Microsoft Azure

The Pertinent Features of Taskade

Taskade is fully loaded with advanced features and capabilities for business workflow management tasks. Without wasting a word more, let’s dive into the impressive Taskade features one by one in complete detail.

1. AI Automation

The incorporation of automation and AI in Taskade is one of its significant features that enable the tool to do the following:

  • The tool provides its users with an interesting chatbot powered by AI
  • You can have an AI writing assistant
  • The tool has strived its best to make workflow management easier
Taskade 1

While utilizing Taskade’s AI assistance in generating texts or doing task management, you will be consuming a portion of its monthly credits. Although other features like chat and project creation are not considered for credit usage.

Customers with subscriptions on the lower tiers may observe that their AI credits run out relatively rapidly. Only two tasks asking for email marketing recommendations and making an email marketing campaign checklist took up more than half of the 1,000 credits per month provided in the free plan during our trial period. New Chatbase AI Chatbot Full Review.

2. Project Management Templates

The tool offers several pre-made templates for project management tasks so that users can start their endeavors right away. The tool has been developed keeping in mind the needs of business owners and you can find the standard templates to initiate your project such as

  • Agile Project Management Board
  • New Hire Onboarding Checklist
Taskade 3

You will also be given specific templates for certain tasks such as:

  • API Security Checklist
  • Student Assignment Checklist
  • Digital Bullet Journal

Using a template involves a one-click step. All you need is to hit the pin “Use Template Button”, then choose the workplace. It will hardly take a moment to save the things to your account. Others are the basic templates that can be easily edited to initiate a new project in a couple of minutes. Do you Need the Content Repurposing Tool with AI then read of Munch AI Tool

3. Task Management Features

Talking about the organizational hierarchy offered by Taskade to its users, Taskade enables you to divide and organize things into folders, tasks, subtasks, and projects. Following is the step-by-step hierarchy offered by Taskade:

Taskade 2

  1. Firstly, assign tasks to your team, or you can also assign any task to yourself as well
  2. Secondly, set deadlines
  3. Thirdly, check the updates
  4. Fourthly, view the finished tasks
  5. Lastly, view your progress and more.

You can also customize the appearance of the tool as per your choice such as changing background colors, or images. You can also add emoji icons and color-coded texts. The available project views are as follows:

  • List View
  • Vertical Flowchart 
  • Mind Map
  • Kanban Board
  • Action items

While Taskade does include many of the task management tools that its rivals do, there are some glaring gaps, such as the Gantt chart view, which is under development but is not currently available. Generate Content Ideas Using ChatGPT With Many Commands and Prompts.

4. Collaboration Tools

Taskade has brought business organization tools to the next level. Where the previous tools were meant to be used by individuals, Taskade is meant to be used by teams, large businesses, and remote workers.

Another feature that makes Taskade as the best organizational tool is its ability to feature native tools for collaboration such as a chat bar. You can make video calls directly from Taskade without switching to Zoom or another third-party platform.

Taskade 4

Collaborators can also be tagged in the comments section and this way they can be notified. The collaborators can also be invited to a workplace or any specified project depending upon the business needs.

Taskade Pros and Cons


  • The tool is highly flexible in managing complex projects and can be used simultaneously for multiple teams.
  • The teammates’ collaboration is made possible inside the platform.
  • You can choose the best plan that suits your business needs and requirements from multiple pricing plans available.
  • Taskade knowledge base is perfectly organized and highly comprehensive.
  • Most of all the interface is simple and easy even for the newbies.


  • Lower-level plans possess limited storage.
  • You cannot use the platform’s apps offline, so an internet connection is a must.
  • If you upload items in bulk you might have to face glitches and lags.    
  • Time tracking and Gantt chart views, two typical PM tools, haven’t yet gone live.
  • As you add more projects, navigation may become challenging.

Taskade Integrations

The pre-build integrations of Taskade are given as follows:

  • WordPress
  • Instagram
  • Notion
  • Apple, Google, and Outlook Calendar
  • Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Gmail and Outlook

Taskade Alternatives

In my opinion, Taskade is an advanced organizational tool that can cater to the business needs of individuals as well as remote teams and more. Following is the list of worthy alternatives, let’s have a look:

 TaskadeClickUpMonday Trello
Native Time TrackingNoYesYesNo
Multiple Project ViewsYesYesYesYes
Built-in MessagingYesYesYesNo
Forever free PlanYesYesYesYes
Starting Price $4 per month$5 per month$8 per month$10 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taskade appropriate for both teams and individuals?

Taskade is made to meet the requirements of people, teams, and companies. It provides project management features and collaboration tools that can be used in a variety of situations.

Does Taskade allow users to access their apps offline?

As its platform and apps are cloud-based, Taskade requires an internet connection to ensure real-time collaboration and data synchronization.

Final Thoughts

Taskade stands out as a flexible productivity tool with AI-powered collaborative tools, different project views, and pre-built templates in the fast-paced business sector. With a variety of features and storage possibilities, it offers price plans that are suitable for both individual users and companies. While Taskade shines in several areas, users should take into account their unique demands and weigh their options to make an informed decision for their productivity-boosting journey.