Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is an impressive marketing keyword and SEO tool that has an extensive database of marketing keywords and gives suggestions regarding the site’s content and topics to boost your website’s SEO and rank your business higher in SERPs.

The tool assists you in keeping track of your site’s performance compared to the competitor’s website’s performance so that you can work properly on your site’s ranking. Ubersuggest can assist you in keeping your website’s SEO an edge over the competitors.


Discover the standout features of Ubersuggest, an impressive SEO tool for boosting website rankings. From keyword research to competitor analysis, optimize your SEO strategy with Ubersuggest’s user-friendly interface and flexible pricing plans.

Reviewing Ubersuggest – The Standout Benefits of Using Ubersuggest

There are numerous SEO benefits to using Ubersuggest, but let’s first discuss the standout advantages of this great tool. In simple words, Ubersuggest can be your assistant in keeping a record of your site’s comparative SEO performance so that you can devise a great plan to boost your site’s SEO. Are you a Lawyer we have listed 30+ Best ChatGPT Prompts For Lawyers.

By keeping a record of the SEO performance and with continuous effort, you can ultimately rank your business higher in search engines. Consider the following standouts of Ubersuggest:

  • Domain Overview – This feature lets you snoop into your competitors’ sites, where you can observe not only their ranking keywords but also provides you with a list of the backlinks they are receiving. 
  • Keyword Suggestions – Ubersuggest has a keyword research tool by which you can easily find the right ranking keywords ideas for your business.   
  • Discovering Top SEO Pages – The SEO software will provide you with reports by which you can analyze the top SEO pages of the selected websites. The reports will also reveal the traffic received by those websites. 
  • Tracking – The software will help you keep a record of your website’s keywords to analyze their daily performance. 
  • Find Errors – The software will provide reports guiding you about the errors on your website and advising you to fix them.

The Pertinent Features of Ubersuggest

 The core features offered by Ubersuggest are the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Keyword Research
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Backlinks

We will cover each of the four mentioned features separately in detail as each feature has various sections requiring explanation.

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The dashboard is the main hub of the software where you can enter your site’s information and track its overall performance. There are segments where you may look for SEO parameters and monitor your position for particular keywords. The interface has a section called the workspace where you may generate content ideas and track your past keyword mapping.

ubersuggest 1024x390 1

Keyword Research

This section is dedicated to keyword research and analyzing the ranking keywords of the other competitors. You can also review the keywords you want to rank for. There are numerous features in this section, and you can utilize them to brainstorm certain keywords, track keywords’ traffic, and use those keywords in your site’s content and rank higher in SERPs.

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Traffic Estimation

The term “traffic estimation” refers to a summary of the traffic to your website or any other URL entered. In this section, you can research your site’s organic keyword rankings, SEO keywords, domain authority, and monthly organic traffic. You may also review your most popular pages according to traffic to track their effectiveness and apply efficient tactics to your website’s new pages.

ubersuggest traffic estimation


This section has a backlink checker tool to provide information about your website’s referring domains and its D.A. (Domain Authority). The backlink checker also aims to provide you with a report of the backlink performance of each page of your website separately.

backlinks checker 1024x508 1

You can also find out the ranking keywords of your competitors and start creating content on those keywords. The tool also provides its users with a source page list to suggest backlinks outreach contacts. We can say that Ubersuggest can cover all of the SEO of your website for you.

The Extra Features Offered by Ubersuggest

Let’s now dive into the details of the few additional features of this fantastic SEO software worth mentioning in this review. 

  • Google Chrome Extension – You can easily add the Ubersuggest Chrome extension to your browser, displaying SEO-relevant information while searching on Google.
  • Live Support – The users can enjoy a dedicated support platform that enables them to get assistance in case of any trouble via email or live chat support.
  • Coaching Videos – When you first join up, there is a great introduction video and access to free training videos on every aspect of SEO.

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Pros and Cons of Ubersuggest


  • Excellent introductory tutorial videos
  • Exporting documents and files
  • Free instruction on creating an SEO plan
  • Chrome add-on
  • Affordable in comparison to various other SEO tools
  • Simple to use social networking outcomes
  • Find fantastic keywords and content suggestions


  • The competitor limit is low in the basic plan
  • It slows down while multitasking

Ubersuggest Pricing and Plans

Individual Plan$12/month or $120 for life
Business Plan$20/month or $200 for life
Enterprise plan$40/month or $400 for life
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ubersuggest provide accurate data?

Yes, assessments are produced utilizing a variety of data sources. The data sources Ubersuggest employs are comparable to those of other SEO tools.

Is Ubersuggest free?

No, it isn’t free; you can choose one of the three plans: individual, business, or enterprise. But you can use the 7-day free trial policy to use and test the SEO software.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Ubersuggest is a potent SEO tool that provides various features to improve functionality and increase the exposure of your website in search engines. Ubersuggest offers helpful insights and tools to optimize your SEO approach, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink tracking, and traffic estimation.

Ubersuggest is an excellent option for marketers and website owners trying to boost their online presence because of its user-friendly interface, informative tutorial videos, and committed support. Ubersuggest offers customizable price plans to meet your needs, whether you’re an individual, corporation, or enterprise. Utilize its remarkable features and begin maximizing the SEO potential of your website right away.