Video Candy serves as an online video editing tool in today’s digital world. The tool allows its users to create and edit videos with a variety of features available for free. The best thing about Video Candy is that the website offers all of its services for free without any annoying ads and adverts.

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With the help of Video Candy, you can easily enhance the quality of your videos and modify them as per your desire and professional requirements. This article contains a detailed Video Candy review 2024 which includes its features, pros and cons, and the rest of the significant stuff that you need to know.

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Video Candy Review 2024 – The Distinctive Capabilities

Video Candy has been developed keeping in mind the user’s needs. You can compress longer videos without compromising the quality of the edited videos with this tool. You can easily cut short the long-length videos to create perfectly focused content for your specified audience. Furthermore, Video Candy enables you to create a single seamless video content by combining various videos.

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In addition to all these features, Video Candy can help you crop and resize your videos to fit into specific dimensions. Apart from all these impressive capabilities, Video Candy also makes it possible to add stop-motion effects to the chosen videos and provides you with the best results possible. Video Candy has established itself as a valuable and approachable resource for all video enthusiasts with its broad toolkit.

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AI Video Candy Features

The following are the impressive features offered by Video Candy AI:

Stop Motion Effects

Stop Motion Animation is one of the drastic features offered by Video Candy with the help of which users can easily utilize this creative feature and create wonderful videos simply by selecting frames and adjusting the specified timing.

stop motion effect

Video Resizing

Video Candy helps you enhance your social media presence as it allows you to resize videos by modifying their resolutions and dimensions to fit into dissimilar screen sizes and devices.

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Video Cropping

Different users require different sizes and aspect ratios for their movies or videos and hence, Video Candy AI crop their videos as per their own specifications and unique requirements. Whether for social networking platforms, websites, or specialized playback needs, this function ensures that films fit precisely without additional black bars or strange framing.

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Video Merging

This feature refers to combining several videos to form a single seamless video content. By utilizing this drastic feature you can easily craft amazing videos, montages, and flawless compilations.

Merg Videos

Video Trimming

Image Candy provides you with precise control over your video’s substance and length. You can trim your video to eradicate mistakes and other irrelevant stuff from your content. 

Trim Videos

Video Compression

With Video Candy, users can effectively reduce video file sizes without sacrificing quality, which makes it perfect for online sharing and storage optimization. When sharing or uploading videos on the internet, this capability is quite helpful.

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Editing Videos

Video Candy has all the editing tools that you need to modify your video content. You will have the opportunity to apply numerous effects including contrast, saturation, brightness, overlay audio, and add subtitles.

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Additional Amazing Features

  • The tool is highly customizable.
  • It offers a highly user-centric interface.
  • It allows you to do video resizing.
  • A team’s pertinent responses are gathered by Video Candy SuggestTM for chat and helpdesk tickets. 

Who Should Use Video Candy?

Our team of experts has used and analyzed this great AI video editing tool and found out that it best suits the needs of the following:

  1. Affiliate marketers, SEO, and SEM experts, and bloggers should use Video Candy AI.
  2. The tool is a perfect choice for social media managers who are in continuous need of creating attractive social media content.
  3. YouTubers can also benefit from this wonderful AI tool to create crisp videos.
  4. Business owners who have to create unique and original product reviews can also utilize Video Candy AI.
  5. Website owners who are destined to create unique web content regularly. 

Video Candy Pros and Cons


  • Video Candy offers efficient video compression.
  • The interface is simple, easy, and user-friendly.
  • The tool is well-equipped with versatile editing features.
  • The tool is available to use for free without any annoying adverts.


  • Video Candy depends upon the server’s availability as it operates on the servers.
  • There may be limitations on the largest video file size that Video Candy will accept.
  • As it is an online editing tool a good internet connection is always required to utilize the tool.
  • The tool is unable to provide all the professional editing tools provided by advanced professional editing software.

Apps and Integrations

There is no availability of a native desktop or mobile app but you can easily download an extension for the following:

  • Brave
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Add-ons can also be downloaded for:

  • Word
  • Google Docs
  • Outlook and others.

Video Candy Alternatives

When it comes to the Video Candy alternatives, the options are many. However, I have selected the top 3 alternatives after careful study and analysis of the viable options. Consider the following alternatives in this regard:


Users can compress and convert videos into different formats with HandBrake, a free and open-source video transcoder. For adjusting video quality, resolution, and file size, it provides a variety of options. Operating systems for Windows, Mac, and Linux are all compatible with HandBrake.

Handbrake home


This competent video editing tool runs only on Apple devices. Its interface is easy and beginner-friendly. The competent features it offers include audio, video editing, transition, effects, video trimming, and more. It is undoubtedly one of the best options for iPhone users.

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Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe is one of the premium editing software that is well equipped with advanced features including color grading, transitions, and other video and audio editing effects. This software is not only suitable for experts but it equally caters to the needs of beginners as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Video Candy compatible with all video file formats, or are there limitations in terms of format support?

A variety of video file types are supported by Video Candy because of its flexibility. To make sure your films can be handled correctly, it’s a good idea to check the platform’s specific format compatibility.

Can I use Video Candy on a mobile device, or is it strictly for desktop use?

Except for a few desktop browsers like Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome, Video Candy exclusively uses online browsers. You can still access it on mobile devices using approved mobile browsers even though it isn’t a dedicated mobile app.

Final Thoughts

With a variety of practical features and advantages, Video Candy stands out as a potential online video editing tool. Affiliate marketers, bloggers, social media managers, YouTubers, and business owners trying to improve their video content will find it particularly useful. It makes editing easier for a range of people because of its user-friendly interface and effective video compression features.

The maximum size of a video file that Video Candy can handle is one, although users should be aware that a steady internet connection is required for optimal performance. Alternatives include HandBrake, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro, which each offer a unique set of functionality to meet distinct editing requirements.