We are now living in a digital world where maintaining an online presence is mandatory to prosper and grow in your field of interest. For this purpose, people own different websites mainly concerning their businesses.

If you are someone new to digitalization, let us first tell you that any website you normally visit on the internet is linked with its unique domain name which is in fact the website’s unique identity. This article is for you if you are interested in learning new ways to discover ownership of a particular domain and related information. This is where WHOIS domain lookup comes into play. 


The article talks about the WHOIS domain lookup, which is a crucial tool to determine who owns a website and offers critical details on the tenure of the domain name. The workings of a WHOIS domain lookup and the data that may be learned about a domain name are covered in the article.

Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of WHOIS domain lookups for determining website ownership, resolving technical issues, and preventing cybercrime. The article covers the five top websites for free WHOIS lookups and offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to do a WHOIS domain lookup.

Understanding WHOIS Domain Lookup

WHOIS domain lookup is an important tool for discovering the ownership of any site and it also provides significant information about the domain name’s tenure. Different people use the same tool for different reasons. Do you want Free Web Hosting for Your Blog Read the Guide.

For instance, individuals and businesses strive to extract the desired information through WHOIS Domain lookup whereas law enforcement agencies normally use this tool to investigate cyber crimes. This article will tell you everything you need to get started with this amazing tool. You can primarily trace the following two things with it:

  • The ownership of a domain name.
  • The tenure of a domain name. 

WHOIS Domain Lookup Working Mechanism

The working process is simple and easy to follow. All you need is to search your targeted domain name through the WHOIS search. It will send your search query to its database for further investigation and you will be able to extract all the necessary information about the domain under analysis. You can access the report through various WHOIS lookup tools.

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WHOIS Domain Database

You can find all the relevant information about the domain you are searching for. However the available information varies based on the type of the targeted domain and the domain registrar. Take a closer look at the following points as you can get the following information about your targeted domain from WHOIS lookup:

  • Domain Name: It refers to your site’s unique identity.
  • Registrant Name: It refers to the name of the owner of the domain.
  • Registrant Contact Information: It refers to the contact details including email, cell phone number, and address of the domain owner.   
  • Name of a Registrar: It refers to the domain registration company. 
  • Dates of Creation and Expiration: These refer to the date of creation of your target domain and its expiration limit.   
  • Nameservers: The servers hosting DNS records.
  • IP Address: A numerical identifier that is unique and given to the server hosting the website. 
  • Domain Status: There can be one of three indications: active, inactive, and under process. 
  • Technical Contact Information: It refers to the contact information of those people who are responsible for the domain’s management. 

Importance of WHOIS Domain Lookup

As you know the information it contains is significant and can be utilized for several reasons. Consider the following key aspects in this regard:

  • Looking into Website Ownership: You can easily find the domain owner through WHOIS lookup to settle down any legal dispute or study your competitor, or for other similar reasons. 
  • Fixing Technical Problems: To fix any technical error, you can find and contact the domain registrar or the hosting provider through the WHOIS lookup database. 
  • Cybercrime Prevention: Law enforcement organizations and cybersecurity experts can use the WHOIS lookup as a valuable investigative and preventative tool to take down a questionable website and stop additional harm by finding its owner.
whois lookiup

Right Way To Perform a WHOIS Domain Lookup

You can easily perform a WHOIS domain lookup as the process is simple and easy to follow. The steps are given as follows:

  • You can select one of many WHOIS lookup tools available on the internet. The official tool from ICANN is one of the many free and paid alternatives accessible.
  • You should enter your desired domain name.
  • Click “search” or “lookup.”
  • A detailed report will appear to be reviewed as it will provide all the information stored about your targeted domain. 

The “whois” command can be used in your terminal window to run a WHOIS lookup if you’d rather utilize the command line.

The Best 5 Websites for Free WHOIS Lookup


Popular website Who.is provides IP tools, WHOIS lookup services, and domain and website services. It is authorized by ICANN, and you may retrieve vital domain registration data via its WHOIS lookup tool.

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The key points are as follows:

  • It offers IP tools and WHOIS lookup services.
  • It provides its services concerning domains and sites and has received accreditation from ICANN.
  • It allows you to obtain crucial domain registration details.
  • You can get information about the domain registrar, dates of domain creation and expiration, and other relevant contact details of the registrar and registrant. 
whois 1

All you need is to go to this simple yet impressive website and enter your domain in the search bar to get the detailed report for free.  


Second, on our list is Name.com, a simply designed website that can give you all the information you want as its WHOIS lookup tool is reliable and ICANN-approved. You can get all the data that is expected from WHOIS lookups like the dates of domain creation and expiration and more.

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Visit the linked website, type the domain name into the “Domain name or IP address” search bar, click the search button, and verify that you are not a robot by checking the reCAPTCHA box to use Name.com’s WHOIS lookup service.


Namecheap is another free platform for WHOIS lookup where you can simply go and search your chosen domain. The good news is that is also ICANN-approved. You can utilize this platform to uncover the ownership of a respective domain.

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By searching a domain in the link given above you will get the following information:

  • You will find out the owner of the website.
  • All other relevant contact information whether technical, administrative, or other.


GoDaddy is another big name among web registrars and you can use its WHOIS lookup services to find out the owner behind any or every domain. This platform offers ICANN ICANN-approved WHOIS tool. To use this service there is no need to get your own GoDaddy account. Go to the above-given link, enter the name of the domain to be researched and you are done.

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The report will contain the following information:

  • Domain name Registrar
  • Registrar ID and URL
  • Registrant Status
  • Registrant country, state, province, and more.


Firstly, hostinger’s WHOIS lookup is free to use and the second important thing is that it supports almost 41 languages. You can find the desired information about the targeted domain. The process is quite straightforward to follow.

hostinger 1024x455 1

All you need is to click on the given link above, enter the domain you want to search in the search bar, and press ‘entre’. There is no reCAPTCHA demanded. After finishing, explore the WHOIS domain record, which contains informational data about the person or organization responsible for that specific domain that is publicly accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common way to hide WHOIS information?

The most popular approach for obscuring WHOIS information and safeguarding your personal information is to use a domain privacy service.

Can Domains Be Registered Using the WHOIS Search Tool?

No, registering domains does not use the WHOIS search function. It is a public database that offers details about a domain name’s owner, such as contact information and the time of registration. Use a domain registrar or web hosting company to register a domain.

Final Thoughts

The information WHOIS database provides is of utmost importance and it can be utilized to discover the domain owner and other relevant information. The only issue with this impressive database is that it sometimes poses serious privacy risks.

You can safeguard your personal information and continue to be the owner of your domain by using a domain privacy service. Consider balancing the costs, benefits, and potential effects on the authority and exposure of your website. In the realm of domain registration, stay cautious and knowledgeable.