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Cheap Web Hostings

Being a blogger it's quite important to keep track of the cheapest yet reliable web hosting services available out there. This blog will explore and explain the top 7 cheap web hosting services after careful testing and critical review. Few hosting companies swear to offer the cheapest hosting deals while others deliberately ignore the cheapest options.

This article is for bloggers who are in search of reliable web hosting at comparatively affordable prices. An interesting fact is that there are numerous cheap web hostings available but only a few of them are truly reliable. Our top picks are for bloggers whether they are small business owners or newbies in the blogging field so that they can get the best value for their money.

Our top-notch web hosting providers will give your site a fast-loading speed and outstanding customer support. Let’s now dive in and explore the top 7 cheapest web hosting providers in 2023 to revolutionize your online presence. Read also, ChatGPT VS Google Bard Which AI BOT is Best for you.

Keep exploring this article from start to end to better understand the cheapest web hosting options available for experienced bloggers and newbies in 2023.

Is Cheap Web Hosting Worth it? Here's What You Need to Consider

The first that hits a blogger’s mind is the difference between the cost value offered by multiple hosting platforms for their specified web hosting plans. Platforms are providing hosting at rock-bottom prices while others are charging a lot higher money value.

Best  Cheap Web Hostings In 2023

Consider the following points to understand the ways by which a platform makes it possible to offer cheap hosting plans:

Shared Hosting

We have critically observed that cheaper hosting plans offer shared hosting which is a type of hosting in which users share a single server and its resources, ultimately affecting the overall performance in comparison to that of the expensive dedicated hosting packages.

Shared Hosting

Limited Value-Added Features

The cheaper hosting plans are more likely to exclude the value-added features which are widely available in expensive hosting packages. By value-added features, we mean staging sites, auto-backups, and more.

Cheaper Prices Demand Longer Commitments

If you want to benefit from the cheapest hosting package, you might have to commit to a year of hosting and sometime three years long commitment is required by the platform. In simple words, the longer the commitment, the cheaper will be the hosting package.

Promotional Pricing

Many of the platforms offer promotional package pricing that is only applicable to the first billing cycle. Once your first billing cycle is finished, you will have to pay the increased prices. Grab the Chance to buy the Free Domains for your Blog 4 Legit Ways Read it Now.

Cheapest Web Hosting: Good or Bad?

The cheaper plans are helpful for beginners and small-scale business owners to get started at the lowest cost value. Before opting for any of the cheaper hosting plans, first, make sure what you need for your new blog as the cheapest package excludes certain value-added features like automatic backups and more. But if you are hoping to make a low-traffic website then you can find a reliable option in this blog.

Cheap Web Hostings Are Good Or Bad?

Furthermore, newbies should go for the cheapest hosting plans for their first-ever blog to keep the budget under control. You can upgrade to the costly and premium plans with the expected growth in your site’s traffic. Let’s now discuss each of the options separately in detail.

That Offer Great Value

This is a list of the top deals on inexpensive web hosting available right now:


Hostgator Details

DreamHost can be your first destination if you are looking for the cheapest yet reliable shared web hosting as their prices are critically low in comparison to other competitors. Another attractive point about the DreamHost hosting provider is that it keeps the renewal prices comparatively low.

Shared Hosting 1

The basic plan starts at $2.59 and renews at $5.99 per month after finishing the promotional time period. In addition to the cheapest competitive rates offered by DreamHost, another attraction is its salient features which are not casually expected from the cheapest web hosts like WordPress updates, backups, SSL certificate, and a free domain.

If you will buy your site’s hosting for a longer period of time from DreamHost, you will be able to enjoy the improved pricing. We recommend you opt for a minimum of 1-year hosting plan or do a 3-year commitment.


The basic hosting plans are as follows:

Shared Starter starts at $2.59 on a monthly basis for a single site. The platform will provide you with a free domain, fast SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, automatic backup, and much more.

Your site builder and other hosting necessities are accessible through a specially created control panel. If you want to migrate from your previous host you can do it for free without paying any additional costs to your new host. DreamHost will also provide you with pre-installed WordPress.

Easy Setup

It's also convenient that WordPress updates, backups, and caching all run automatically in the background without requiring any configuration on your part.

When it comes to customer support then DreamHost offers the best customer experience through its 24/7 support service. Secondly, you can contact the support team anytime via email or live chat.


DreamHost also provides its users with video tutorials and articles to assist them in understating and resolving the issues at hand. All you need is to use the search bar with its amazing filters to find out the information you need.

There are discussion forums to connect you to other people utilizing the same hosting platform. You can also stay in touch with the platform via their social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and others.


Siteground Details

SiteGround is another devastating hosting platform catering to the needs of webmasters, beginner bloggers, and small-scale business owners. SiteGround is regarded as one of the cheapest web hosting providers around the globe.


Their packages are highly affordable and the best is you can light-heartedly rely upon their hosting services. The platform will always be available for providing technical support at any time. SiteGround offers seamless WordPress Integration.

SiteGround offers its users the following three hosting plans:

  • StartUp starts at $3.99 and the bill will be charged on a monthly basis. The package includes a single website having monthly visits of up to 10,000 visitors, automatic backups, an SSL certificate, multiple server choices, and more. 
  • GrowBig starts at $6.99 which will be paid on a monthly basis. It includes all that is offered in the startup plan and the GrowBig package also contains an additional 20 GB of storage and unlimited websites and supports a monthly traffic of about 100,000 visitors.  
  • GoGeek starts at $10.69 on a monthly basis. The GoGeek plan includes all that is offered in the GrowBig plan and it additionally contains 40 GB of Web storage and reliable support for up to 400,000 monthly visitors. You get the maximum resources offered by Siteground with this package.

The platform is simple, easy, and straightforward for newbies. Following the steps given below to set up and install:

  • The first thing is to choose a plan.
  • The second thing is to register your site’s domain.
  • Fill out the payment information form.

On your first sign-up, the platform will give you a website setup wizard with the help of which you can easily install WordPress or any other CMS.

Hosting Need

You can access customer support via emails or live chat which is available 24/7. With phone conversations and live chat, SiteGround strives to keep wait times minimum; nevertheless, the email ticketing system often takes 10 minutes to respond to.


This hosting platform also offers a knowledge base containing details, guides, and troubleshooting information. You can stay in touch with the platform via the company’s social media handles like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more.

A2 Hosting

A2 Details

Normally, the cheapest hosting providers offer their users shared hosting plans where multiple users share the resources of a single server. A2 Hosting provider has earned a great reputation in the international market for its super-fast speeds if compared to the other shared hosting providers. Despite its high speed and reliability, A2 Hosting offers affordable packages and gives a beginner-friendly platform.

A2 Hosting

The platform offers separate hosting plans for Linux and Windows, you can select the one you need. If you want to know the things included in different hosting plans then keep reading:

Starting PriceNo. of WebsiteFree DomainDisk SpaceBandwidth Rating
$2.991No100 GB SSD StorageUnmetered4.3
  • The startup package starts at $2.99 on a monthly basis for a single website. It also includes 100 GB web storage, a free SSL certificate, 5 databases, perpetual security, and you can get free emails. The platform allows you to choose from multiple server locations for an extended user experience.    
  • Drive starts at $5.99 per month. The drive includes everything offered in the startup package but it will have some additional perks as well including unlimited sites, disk spaces, and databases, along with an extended number of cores.   
  • Turbo Boost starts at $6.99 and includes everything from the previous plan. Additionally, it offers its users unlimited storage capacity, extended physical memory, a 20x boosted speed, and more. 
  • Turbo Max starts at $ 14.99 per month for everything offered in the previous plans with additional features like easy site migration, NVMe SSD storage, unlimited websites, and more cores. 

With A2 Hosting provider even a newbie can launch a site in a matter of minutes. The dashboard provided by the said platform contains everything you need to set up your first blog.

A2 Pricing

It has numerous one-click installer tools such as WordPress. You will also get one free site migration here. If you are planning to build an eCommerce website, there is a free SSL certificate. A2 Hosting, like other similar hosting platforms, offers automated tools with its shared hosting plans.

You can avail the customer support via emails, live chat, and cell phones 24/7, 365 days a year. You can find everything like articles you need to learn about the control panel, A2 Hosting knowledge base, billing, and WordPress optimization. A2 Hosting has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube as well as a blog.


This hosting platform also offers a knowledge base containing details, guides, and troubleshooting information. You can stay in touch with the platform via the company’s social media handles like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more.


Hostagtator Detail

Taking about the cheapest hosting providers we must like to mention Hostgator which is undoubtedly the most affordable web host available on our list of the top 7 cheapest hosting providers. This particular platform offers the cheapest promotional plans.


Where Hostgator is high speed optimized it also has the simplest WordPress integration. Like other hosting providers, if you choose a plan for a longer period of time, you will be charged lower pricing on a monthly basis.

The pricing and packages along with their salient features are discussed in detail below:

Starting PriceWebsites AllowedFree Domain Disk SpaceBandwidth Ratings
$2.751Yes10 GB StorageUnmetered4.1
  • Baby starts at $3.50 per month: This plan contains all offered in the Hatchling plan, plus 5 websites.
  • eCommerce starts at $5.25 per month: Along with everything offered in the previous packages, the Business plan additionally includes a positive SSL upgrade and a dedicated free IP.
  • Hatchling starts at $2.70 per month: You will get only a single website but with unlimited bandwidth. The platform offers a single-click WordPress installer and a website builder. Other features include a free SSL certificate, a free domain, and free email.

It will hardly take a minute to sign up on the HostGator web hosting provider platform. After signing up you will have the opportunity to utilize several one-click installers including one for WordPress. It has a friendly drag-and-drop interface to make its setup and design easier.

Hostgator Hosting

You can access eCommerce tools and a free SSL so that you can securely run your online store. The cPanel dashboard makes it secure, fast, and protected. The platform provides its users with additional features like an IP deny manager and a direct URL function. Background site backups are included with all HostGator plans.

As a user, you can access customer support via email, live chat, or cell phone 24/7, 365 days a year without any issue. For videos, tutorials, and forums, you should visit the online portal. The continuous server monitoring provided by HostGator is another sort of support, guaranteeing that your server is always secure and effective.

Suppoprt Of Hostgator


Bluehost Detail

Endorsed by WordPress, Bluehost is one of the cheapest yet most reliable web hosts available out there. Since its origin, Bluehost has earned a great reputation among webmasters globally. The affordability, reliability, and resourcefulness collectively make Bluehost the best and cheapest hosting provider on our list.


While purchasing a plan on Bluehost, make sure to buy as many months as you can in advance in order to lower the cost value. Generally, a 12-month plan is higher in price compared to a 36-month plan. But the notion critically depends on the current promotional packages.

Starting PriceWebsites AllowedFree DomainDisk SpaceBandwidth Ratings
$2.951Yes10 GB SSD StorageUnmetered3.9
Bluehost Plans

Below is given the outline for the 12-month plan:

  • Basic plan starts at $2.95 on a monthly basis for a single website. Web disk space of 10 GB SSD storage, is included in the package. Moreover, you will get an SSL certificate, domain, and CDN, all for free.  
  • Plus plan starts at $5.45 and the bill will be charged on a monthly basis. This plan has everything the basic plan had. Additionally, unlimited websites and 20 GB SSD storage are given in the Plus plan. You can also access promotions for spam protection, and Google Ads and emails.  
  • Choice Plus starts at $5.45 per month. It has everything offered in the previous plan, plus 40 GB SSD storage, automated backups, unmetered bandwidth and free domain privacy only for the first year. 
  • Pro plan starts at $13.95 on a monthly basis against optimized CPU resources, a dedicated IP for free, and automated backups. In addition to these, the Pro plan has 100 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited websites. It also provides its users with a premium SSL.

Bluehost is the easiest hosting platform that provides an attractive yet simple dashboard to its users worldwide. You can rely on its dashboard for your setup’s primary customization. It also provides a one-click WordPress installer. In the case of an e-commerce online business, you can utilize a free SSL to protect the transaction information.


Take advantage of round-the-clock uninterrupted technical help via a variety of channels, including phone, online chat, and email. Arm yourself with a wealth of knowledge resources, such as FAQs, online articles, setup instructions, and tutorials in the knowledge base.

Customer Support

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Inmotion Detail

InMotionHosting offers the cheapest hosting plans whether shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting. Our primary focus in this blog is the shared hosting plans as they are the cheapest in comparison. Our purpose is to tell you the plans that are highly affordable.


InMotionHosting offers discounted prices on a monthly basis against signups for one, two, or three years. Let’s now dive into the details of pricing packages with a three-year plan.

Starting PriceWebsites AllowedFree DomainDisk SpaceBandwidth Ratings
$2.292Yes100 GB SSDUnmetered4.0

  • Core starts at $2.29 monthly for two websites. The plan offers unlimited bandwidth with 100GB of SSD storage, a security suite, an SSL certificate, and marketing tools.   
  • Launch starts at $4.99 monthly. It offers everything the core plan offers. In addition to it, Launch also offers unlimited websites and NVMe SSD storage. You will get a free domain with six times faster speed and better performance.
  • Power starts at $4.99 monthly but it will cost you a higher price at the time of the plan’s renewal for all the features offered in the previous package with additional advanced caching, 12x speed, and higher performance.  
  • Pro starts at $12.99 monthly and contains all that is offered in the previous plan along with pro support, 100% uptime, and 20x faster speed and performance.

The platform provides an easy-to-use one-click WordPress installer for all users. Moreover, InMotionHost provides interaction with Google Office tools.

Inmotion Easy

You can easily navigate through the dashboard and the best part is you can also enjoy plenty of free resources like free SSL, email, and a free security suite. You will also get a website builder with a number of pre-built themes suiting best your needs for site creation.

There are plenty of articles available on an online support center by InMotionHost to assist users worldwide. The support team is available 24/7 and you can contact them any time you want via chat, email, or phone.

Support Team

The sales team can be contacted through Skype. Apart from the availability of a professional support team, you can also stay in touch with the online community through the social media pages of InMotionHost on Facebook, Youtube, and others.


Hostinger Detail

Hostinger is one of the most demanding web hosting providers with cheaper rates but higher uptime. Due to its affordability, reliability, and better uptime, Hostinger has gained much popularity in recent years.

Starting PriceWebsites AllowedFree DomainDisk SpaceBandwidth Ratings
$2.991Yes100 GB SSD StorageUnmetered4.6

Hosting er's cheapest hosting plans are discussed as follows:

  • Premium starts at $2.99 monthly. You will get a free domain, free unlimited email, SSD storage of 100 GB, and 100 websites. 
  • Business starts at $3.99 monthly and will provide everything included in the premium plan. Additionally, you will also get 200 GB of storage, 100 websites, Free domain ($9.99 value) and daily backup ($25.08).
  • Cloud Startup pricing is $9.99 per month and this package includes 300 websites, unlimited bandwidth, 200 GB SSD storage, a dedicated IP address, free domain and daily backup, and much more with a 30 days money back guarantee. 

Remember that when you renew after the discount period, the price increases.

The cPanel that we typically see in other hosting companies is not the foundation of Hostinger's interface. Instead, “hpanel,” developed by Hostinger, is their own version that makes it easier to access things like files, email, and domains.

It is simple to use and set up, making it the best choice for novices. All plans, including shared web hosting, also include WordPress tools like WordPress installers to help launch websites more rapidly. On your Hostinger dashboard's Website area, notably under Auto Installer, you can find these tools.

You can access the support anytime you need it as it is available 24/7 throughout the year in different languages. The online knowledge base offered by the platform contains videos, tutorials, and other informative data. You can contact the support team via email phone or chat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Read reviews, look into a company's reputation, and look for SSL certifications, uptime warranties, and customer support to know if a low-cost web hosting service is trustworthy.

Performance may be impacted by a lack of features, unresponsive customer service, longer loading times, and lesser uptime guarantees with low-cost web hosting service providers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, locating the least expensive web hosting service in 2023 can be a terrific strategy to reduce the expense of maintaining a website. But it's crucial to pick a service provider who is reliable, trustworthy and provides the tools and assistance your website requires.

You may select a cheap web hosting provider that satisfies your demands by reading client reviews, examining reputations, and taking into account uptime guarantees, SSL certificates, and customer support. To ensure the success of your website, keep in mind to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and select one that strikes a balance between cost and quality.

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