Fliki AI Review | Video Generator AI FREE [Pros & Cons] 2023

Fliki Ai Review

Fliki is an impressive AI tool that is used to convert either text into speech or text into video which means you can produce any audio or video content with the help of this great AI tool within no time.

Previously the task of transforming a written text into audio or video required a lot more time and effort but with Fliki this time taking and complex task can be done in less than a minute with just a few clicks involved.

Fliki Tool

Fliki provides its users with the opportunity to utilize their blog’s text or any other text content in producing podcasts, voice-overs, audiobooks, and videos. Fliki offers the following services:

  • This AI tool has 850-plus voices
  • It offers 77-plus languages
  • And 100-plus regional dialects are provided by Fliki to its users

Fliki AI Review: What Makes it the Best?

In other words, Fliki offers everything a user needs to transform a text-content into AI-based Speech, voice-over, podcast, or video with a great user interface and a number of loaded features, Fliki gives its users the best experience ever.

Fliki Ai Studio

So, in our opinion, people should not waste a minute more but rather utilize Fliki to recreate their text content and publish it in numerous formats on Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Consider the following points in this regard:

Ease of Use

The tool is super fast and easy to use. You can select the speaker and language of your own choice and your text content will be transformed into ready-to-publish audio and video format fitting to different social media platforms.

It involves a few clicks to add voice, language, images, videos, and background music of your choice to process your content. 

Uses Of Ai Tools

Customer Support

Fliki provides excellent customer support and it is this feature of Fliki that had made it the perfect choice for content creators worldwide. 

Value for Money

AI has revolutionized the idea of content creation. According to experts, video content is attracting 88% more viewers in comparison to blog readers.

Fliki can assist you in transforming your blog into videos so that you can attract a maximum audience by providing your content in a number of formats and on numerous platforms.

Fliki Tool



All you need is to paste your text content and you will be able to prepare it for numerous media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. You can also choose the font style of choice for captions.

Fliki allows you to select photos and stock videos that are relevant to your content. Background music can also be added to make the video more attractive. Once you are done making your video, press export and you are ready to share it with your followers. 

Fliki Pricing

Fliki is a powerful Ai tool that can produce up to 10,000 words per month. You can utilize this speech-to-text and speech-to-video tool to create voiceovers, audiobooks, and much more.

Pricing Fliki

The tools will open a door of ultimate creative options for content creators. You can generate videos using Ai without a watermark. Consider the following table for pricing details:

Starting Price$8.00 (monthly)
Free TrialUnavailable 
Free VersionAvailable



Final Thoughts

To conclude, it can rightly be said that Fliki is one of the best AI-based text-to-speech and text-to-video generator tools that are available at highly competitive pricing and offers great customer support.

The tool is super easy to operate and export video content fitting to a specific social media platform like Facebook, Youtube, and others. With this tool, you can transform your blog into a series of videos ultimately attracting 88% more traffic that is more likely to be interested in video content and not in blogs. 

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