I’m Haider Gohar from SEBT 11. Before joining SEBT I was working as a Freelance web developer but never had any experience with SEO or blogging. I had experience in website development and thought to expand my skills by learning SEO.

After joining SEBT, I never had an idea that I would achieve that larger milestone in a very short time of period. During the training, we were asked to find the niches and submit it to the Support for approval.

SEBT support approved only 3 niches out of 20 submitted niches and I started working on 1 niche during the training. Although I was a web developer, I never ran my own sites and was used to just providing services to my clients. So, it was my first experience to start a blogging website.

I implemented all the things taught in lectures carefully and eventually my website started to show results just after a month. In the fourth month, the website earned almost $3500+ a month and now it averages at $2000 – $2500 a month. It was my first ever SEO/blogging experience and I never thought I would be able to start earning from it even before completing the training.

The main factor of my success is the SEBT support team as they helped me all the way and helped me whenever I messaged them. Without that I would not be able to succeed that fast.

At last, I will thank Sir Tanveer Nandla and all the SEBT support team, especially Sir Aswad Baloch for his continuous support throughout my journey.