I’m Iffat Nosheen Abbas from SEBT 8. Before joining SEBT I was a simple house wife. I was very much interested in online working but, I was always in this dilemma that I am a housewife and a mother of children so how will I be able to manage my home and children along with online work? if I start online work my home will be disturbed.

After some time, I explained to myself and convinced myself that even a married woman can do wonder in online field, If she is persistent and has passion and dedication in her heart, she will do the job.
I joined SEBT SEO and Blogging Course in batch 8. I never had any experience with SEO or blogging. Before joining SEBT I had joined a group called iSkills by M Tanveer Nandla in which many people were talking about it as a life changing course.

And people were right, it really turned out to be a life-changing course for me. As soon as I joined it, I came to know how people are pure mentors/teachers in our Pakistan too Like Sir M Tanveer Nandla. He takes us in the right direction by guiding his students with all his heart and soul and with great dedication and enable students to earn a decent amount while sitting at home.

Right now, I have my direct USA, Australian clients from LinkedIn platform. I provide complete SEO services. Mainly I am providing local SEO services to USA clients.

I have earned almost 6k$ only from freelancing and This journey is ongoing and will continue Insha’ALLAH. My monthly income is not that much, only $600 a month, but it is enough for a housewife I think.

Last month I bought my own car only from this online earning. I haven’t moved to any big platform like Upwork or Fiverr yet, only my LinkedIn clients are my returning clients and I am earning well from there. As an SEBTIAN I am so confident now that if I move to a big platform, I have such a good portfolio that I will get customers easily from there too.

For me it was a magical story that could turn into reality only after I joined SEBT. I will also not forget to mention the SEBT support team because of which I am successful now. That’s why you are reading my success story. Actually from the time I joined SEBT till this day, I have been fully guided by the Support Team, anytime you can message them or Contact them they are always ready to guide us.

The main factor of my success is the SEBT support team as they helped me all the way and helped me whenever I messaged them. Without that I would not be able to succeed that fast.

At last, I will thank Sir Tanveer Nandla and all the SEBT support team, especially Sir Aswad Baloch for his continuous support throughout my journey.