Hello, I’m Iqra Fazal from a small village in Bahawalpur. Growing up, I wanted to be financially independent and support myself. During my BS Mathematics studies, I met Sir Tanveer Nandla at a tech event, and his inspiring words motivated me to join SEBT 5. Despite financial constraints, I managed to arrange the fee and take admission. This decision changed my life!

Through SEBT, I gained the skills and confidence to offer services on Upwork. Today, I’m a top-rated seller with loyal clients. Moreover, I ventured into niche blogging and achieved remarkable success – one of my blogs received over 500,000 clicks in just 28 days, earning me around $1500!

One of my greatest accomplishments has been flipping websites. Through tireless effort and strategic thinking, I successfully flipped multiple sites, earning a substantial income and gaining recognition in the online community.

I’m grateful for the guidance and mentorship of Sir Tanveer Nandla, iSkills, and my teachers. Their support and belief in me helped me overcome challenges and achieve my goals. I’m proud to be a part of this journey and excited for the future!