I am Mehreen Siraj, the only girl in my village who went to University. I completed my Master’s in Chemistry from Islamia University and my MPhil from Agriculture University Faisalabad. During Corona, I enrolled in Erozgaar; due to my non-tech background, I was shocked to see IT potential.

Before that time, I had never touched a Computer or Laptop. Then, after completing my MPhil, I planned to get paid training, and I did my research and joined SEBT 9.

My parents allowed me to teach professionally. I became a school teacher and got a salary of 10,000 Rs per month. Having a degree in MPhil, I was not happy with my job.

I joined SEBT 9 in 2022 and faced net issues in my village. In January 2023, I convinced my parents to move to the city.

Officially, I started focusing on Upwork in February 2023. SEBT helped me gain the skills that led to 33 jobs on UpWork and now I have three long-term permanent USA clients. I made 6k$ in total in 2023 and am now making 1k$/month.

My message for other girls is to believe in yourself and trust the process. Work Hard and Stay consistent. In my yearly goals for 2023, I wrote 3000$. I thought 10 lac yearly was enough for me, but I made 6000$ this year. So, dream big!