I am Naqeeb Ullah Khan from SEBT Batch X. I have a master’s degree in physics and come from a non-technical background. I pursued physics for my degree even though I had no interest in it. During my university days, I used to create pranks on YouTube, but my viewership was mainly from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, so the earnings were minimal.

All my friends knew about my interest in working online. During this time, my friend named Raza Shah, who was an agent in a real estate agency, and his friend also had a real estate agency and they needed a marketer for Facebook ads. I used to run video campaigns for my Facebook page at that time, so I joined their real estate agency and started running Facebook ads for them. I worked there for about a year.

I used to live in a hostel in Islamabad, and during that time, a friend from Layyah came to visit me. I was creating a Facebook campaign, and he asked me how much I was being paid by the real estate company. I told him 30k PKR. He told me, “Why don’t you take an SEO course, where you can earn very well?” I said, who would teach such a good course without trying to sell Manjann? He mentioned Tanveer Nandla. Then he told me that he hadn’t taken the course himself, but he had a friend who had taken it and was generating a good revenue. I didn’t believe him at that moment, but I followed the iSkills page on Facebook, and as I kept watching iSkills success stories, my interest grew, and I decided to join the course.

Two months later, SEBT’s Batch X was about to start, but I didn’t have enough salary to pay the fee because within 30k PKR salary, I managed my expenses or paid the course fee, which was 50,000 PKR at that time. I saved 25k PKR in 2 months and borrowed the rest from my friends.

I paid the fee with the name of Allah, and a few days later, classes started. From day one, I was very motivated, and Sir Tanveer’s way of teaching was very good. I fell in love with Sir Tanveer’s teaching method, so I continued taking classes and prayed to Allah for my success.

When 4 months of the course passed, I started an Amazon Affiliate site, which started giving me a monthly earning of $40 after a while. Honestly, I neglected to perform off-page optimization for my website, and consequently, its performance declined over time. This oversight was a result of my own procrastination, leading to the failure of this project.

Then I started providing SEO services. I got a client from the iSkills group who had a cleaning services company in Malaysia, and I did Local SEO for his business for 6 months, and he paid me $280 per month, which adds up to a total of $1680..

After 6 months had passed, and I had savings, I started an APK site like the one I had learned in SEBT, and applied all the strategies taught there. 2.5 months later, I started working on improving my website’s visibility through off-page optimization. I got different kinds of links like Nandla links and others suggested in SEBT. I also bought niche edits and guest posts from well-known websites using the money I had saved. Because of these efforts, I started making money from my website by the 4th month. 

My website got to the second spot, and by the 5th month, I made $174. In the 6th month, I earned over 1700 USD. I sold guest posts and niche edits worth over $900 on this site. Altogether, I’ve made over $6800 from this site and a total of $8500 from SEO & blogging.

I want to say a big thank you to Sir Tanveer Nandla, Sir Aswad Baloch, and all the other teachers. Sir Aswad Baloch, especially, guided me really well and never minded my silly questions. :p

In conclusion, I would say that if I can do it, you can too. Hard work and dedication are essential. My biggest motivation was my empty pocket. I would say to you, work hard, apply what is taught in SEBT to your own or your client’s sites, and Insha Allah, you will get results. And always seek help from Allah, having a connection with Allah is very important. May Allah make you all successful. Ameen

Remember me in your prayers. Thank you 🙂