My name is Nizar Ali Khan, and I belong to a remote area in Gilgit Baltistan. I’m a BBA graduate with a keen interest in learning online skills to earn a living. During my university years, I explored various online platforms such as Fiverr and Amazon VA services, but I found they weren’t as sustainable as I had hoped. 

In August 2022, while searching for digital marketing videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video by Sir Tanveer Nandla. His explanation and knowledge impressed me so much that I immediately decided to join SEBT X. That decision marked a turning point in my life. 
Blogging was new to me, but the course was comprehensive, covering everything from niche selection and content writing to website design and ranking. Although the beginning was challenging, and I faced setbacks such as failed projects and disabled Adsense accounts, I viewed these as just the start of my journey. I persisted and launched new projects with renewed determination. With the guidance of Sir Tanveer and support from iSkills, I now have multiple websites ranking well and generating around $1500 a month. To date, I’ve earned more than $15,000 from blogging.

I’m deeply grateful for the support and guidance from my mentors and colleagues. Their advice and encouragement played a crucial role in my journey, helping me achieve success and continue growing.

Success Story (Video)