I’m Rohan Saadat from SEBT 11. I graduated as a Civil Engineer in 2019 and worked for a few companies as a Site Engineer. Before joining SEBT I was working as a Site Engineer and handling Construction Projects with a partner.

I had also worked in a few Call Centres so I always had an urge to earn in Dollars and be financially Independent. I am basically from Mian Channu so I was aware of Amazon Drop shipping. I tried Amazon Drop shipping as well but couldn’t get satisfactory results.

After having a bad experience with Amazon Drop shipping, I was looking for a field which was interesting as well as not that simple like Amazon Drop shipping that everyone could try it and ruin it like they did to Amazon Drop-shipping.

As soon as I registered for SEBT, I started exploring SEO/Blogging on YouTube and went through some SEO courses to learn the basic concepts and terminologies of SEO. This helped me a lot in learning advance strategy taught by iSkills and played a crucial role in my success.

I had saved some bucks and decide to work full time on SEO and gave myself a target to start earning by Nov 2023.

After joining SEBT, I never had an idea that I would achieve that larger milestone in a very short time. During the training, we were asked to find the niches and submit it to the Support for approval.

Sir Tanveer taught Niche Research in detail so I was able to hunt more then 120 niches within days. SEBT support approved 4 niches out of 20 submitted niches and I started working on 1 niche during the training.

I implemented all the things taught in lectures carefully but I was not getting impressive results in the beginning. I started attending Meetups and discussed this with seniors (it’s very important for success). They advised me to keep working on it and eventually my website started to show results after 3-4 months.

In the sixth month, the website earned almost $2300+ a month and now it averages at $1500 – $2500 a month. It was my first ever SEO/blogging experience and I never thought I would be able to start earning from it even before completing the training.

The main factor of my success is the Amazing Course crafted by Sir Tanveer and the unresting SEBT support team most importantly Sir Aswad Baloch as they helped me all the way and helped me whenever I got stuck. Without that I would not be able to succeed that fast. My Family has been very patient and helping along the journey that gave me enough time and space to focus on my goals.

At last, I will thank Sir Tanveer Nandla and all the SEBT support team, especially Sir Aswad Baloch, Sir Ammar Ashfaq, Sir Muhammad Ali for their amazing and detailed sessions.

A few tips I would like to leave for beginners:

  • Don’t worry about results, just work hard, get blessings from your parents and pray to Allah as He is the one who gives success.
  • Do not have unrealistic expectations, there is no quick money. Anyone worth having takes time.
  • Learn how to Learn things. Don’t just go to the support team like a novice. If you don’t know about something follow these before going to the SEBT Support.
    a- Google it
    b- YouTube it
    c- Have a conversation with Chat GPT about it
    d- Search in the iSkills Facebook groups If you still can’t find answers then go to the SEBT support. By doing this you will get additional knowledge as well.
  • Start giving services as soon as you learn a skill to solve your kitchen income issue. (It will help you invest in your blogging, be consistent as well as polish your skills).
  • Consistency and Patience is the key. Motivation could get you started but in order to reach your goals you have to be consistent.
  • Don’t loose hope, keep on working and implementing everything taught in the course.
  • Last but not the least, don’t overthink. iSkills knows what they are doing. Keep your focus straight and follow the course. Always remember that everything you dream is just outside your comfort zone.