My name is Syeda Hafsa Ishfaq, and I am a student belonging to a middle-class family. I enrolled in SEBT Batch 5 in December 2019. Before that, I was struggling in various online fields like data entry and captcha entry, trying different things but failing each time. Then, I learned graphic design from YouTube and started selling its services exclusively.

Before SEBT, I had no idea about SEO or blogging because I was focused on graphic designing. I had a client namad Umair Shehzad who used to give me graphic design orders. While working on graphics, I got tired because there isn’t much money in it locally. But he kept encouraging me to work on Fiverr for graphic design.

Despite numerous attempts and creating a logo design gig, I didn’t get any orders. I was online all the time, but I eventually became fed up with projects worth 2000-4000. Umair Shahzad then suggested that I learn SEO, assuring me that it would solve all my problems, especially given the challenges of living in a joint family. Umair also informed me about Sebt and Sir Tanveer Nandla, mentioning that they teach SEO and blogging, albeit for a fee of 40,000 PKR.

I expressed my inability to afford it, and when I mentioned it at home, everyone dismissed it as lies or fraud. SEBT Batch 5 started, and Umair Shehzad spoke to Sir Tanveer Nandla to enroll me, and he took my guarantee. Umair and Shanawar Aslam also supported my enrollment with Sir Tanveer. Before SEBT, I was a nobody, but during the course, one of my APK sites got ranked. Subsequently, my affiliate site started making $100-$200. I flipped those sites for profit, also I sold one site for 130,000 PKR, and continued creating and flipping sites.

I also provided flipping services in SEBT, which further increased my earnings. I am deeply grateful to my mentors Sir Tanveer Nandla, Umair Shehzad, Shanawar Aslam, Ammar Ashfaq, Saad Haseeb, and especially Sir Aswad Baloch and Iqra Fazal, who guided me to this point. Despite many failed projects, I succeeded more than I failed.

Recently, my micro APK ranked site is making $200 per month, and another local site in Pakistan is making $100+ per day. Alhamdulillah, I also learned Instagram Dropshipping from Owais Nawaz brother and earned more than 2 Million PKR.

In SEBT, Sir Tanveer has taught me from a complete newbie to an advanced level. I didn’t even know what domain and hosting were. Sir Tanveer Nandla has guided me like a father guiding his child. I am really thankful to him. Where I’ve reached now, you can achieve too. Must join iSkills.