My name is Ujala Nawab, and I belong to a small town, Nangal Sahdan, near Muridke in the district of Sheikhupura. I completed my BS in Zoology with a GPA of 3.58 in 2018.

After that, I pursued a 1.5-year B.ed degree, and upon its completion in 2020, I started my freelance journey.

When I was in class 6, my mother passed away in 2007, and exactly five months later, my father also passed away. I was the last among my siblings. My elder sister supported me from the death of our parents through graduation. Even after completing my BS in Zoology, I could not find a job. I wanted to continue my M. Phil, but I couldn’t do so because I didn’t want to add more financial burden to my sister, and I belong to a middle-class family.

I started a job as a teacher with a salary of 11.5k at the beginning. I was worried about how to start my career because I wanted to become an independent person. While scrolling online, I found Erogzaar and completed my Digital Marketing course in the Non-tech category. I started on Fiverr and local client jobs, but the earnings were average.

A senior Sebtian, Awais Brother, helped me to enroll with iSkill. After enrolling in the iSkill course, I gained all the necessary skills that were missing, and Alhamdulillah, I was hired by different international clients on a monthly basis. I also started blogging and ranked on different personal sites. Alhamdulillah, now I’m earning well.

After Allah SWT, I’m highly thankful to iSkill and must recommend this course to everyone, especially girls. Again, special thanks to my best friend and the most supportive person, Ali Raza Abaidullah, my elder sister, Bhai Awais, Bhai Usama, and all other friends, teachers, and family members who supported me throughout this journey.

Thank you!