I am Usman Butt from SEBT Batch X. I am sharing with you my journey of how I was able to achieve a $4000 figure within 1 year, which started with a basic introduction to HTML, CSS, and Blogging.

Before learning from Sir Tanveer, I was working on small projects in Designing, Local eCom, and Social Media Marketing for both myself and clients. However, I failed to establish a proper asset-building business. Sometimes, I failed due to a lack of cash flow, and other times due to no orders on Fiverr. It was a rollercoaster lifestyle.

So, the purpose of joining the SEBT was to gain more knowledge about digital marketing, as well as to create my own assets in the form of ranked websites.

I started learning and formed a small team with like-minded newbies. We were all new in this field but had a cocktail of different skill backgrounds, which blended well together. This helped us to achieve success even with our first project.

Even though blogging is a long and challenging journey to achieve successful blog ranking on Google because it involves research, structuring, writing, web designing, and link building all in one place, the iSkills support portal makes it possible to have our queries solved within 24 hours.

Because of the dedication of iSkills, today I am able to manage a small team that is on the way to achieving their dreams! Thanks to Dr. Web, M Tanveer Nandla.