My name is Uzma Iram and I have passed MPhil engineering from UET Lahore. After my marriage I left my job 8 to 5 job and started focusing on my married life thinking that I will be rejoining my job once my kids go to school. After five years of my marriage, I didn’t know where to start from so I started researching some online opportunities. While researching online, I found SEBT course and joined it thinking that I might be able to learn some skills to make a few bucks or may be something on my portfolio to join any office. That was the turning point of my career.

I learned many skills during my batch. While I was writing for my affiliate site, it was on snippet in two months. In excitement, I showed it to a few support members and my batch fellows, friends and any other colleagues I was having good work relationships with. They adored my work and offered my writing jobs.
I thought, let’s start it, and see how it goes. I didn’t start my sites actively thinking “I will be working on my on projects the day I won’t be having freelance work”.

After that I started getting projects within and outside of SEBT, through LinkedIn, Facebook, social networking and personal branding. I was the student of SEBT Batch 5 and it’s been three years I’m never out of work or projects.

Getting consistent work, more than my capacity, working beyond my comfort zone and handling multiple skills and projects has made me a super woman who is creating a balance between career and home.

And it was not possible for any ordinary job, but iskills empowered me, Thanks to M. Tanveer Nandla and his support team, working day and night for the betterment and empowerment of their students.

The best part of whole journey is, I’m a proud mother of three kids, raising them, looking after my family and working from home as a successful freelancer.

I chose freelancing because I wanted to have a regular income stream. As a stay at home mother, this online feild is best rewarding, helping me balancing both my career and my family.

Now comes the important part, my earnings. I’m making 150,000 PKR – 200,000 PKR on average a month and I have almost made 5 Million PKR in a span of three years, may be peanuts for many, but a handsome amount for a mummy of three❤️💯✍️

The most amazing part of my story is a success mindset. Before joining sebt I thought there is no future and career of a woman after her responsibilities of marriage, but now I have many freelance projects, and buisness ideas I’m working on. Life is busy, full of excitement and a bright future Allhumdullilah.

Currently I’m working as a Content Stretagist for many companies, local and international, offering them social media marketing, content planning, copywriting, SEO content writing and on page services for Local Businesses.

My future plans are to run my own compny on bigger level, providing employment opportunities to newbies.

Last but not the least, I highly recommend this course to those who want to pursue online career and if you are a woman, this course is must to get empowered.