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Why Oath?

Discover iSkills' intellectual property policy and the conditions under which our exclusive digital marketing training materials can be shared within immediate family, emphasizing respect and integrity.

At iSkills, we place great importance on the intellectual property rights and the sanctity of our educational content. Our curriculum, resources, and training modules have been meticulously developed by our team of expert educators and mentors, spearheaded by M Tanveer Nandla, who bring years of experience and industry insights to the table. Unauthorized sharing of these materials not only undermines our efforts but also compromises the exclusivity and value promised to our enrolled students.

However, we recognize the importance of family bonds and mutual educational pursuits. As such, we allow the sharing of our content within your immediate family, which includes parents, siblings, and your spouse. It is crucial that this privilege is treated with the utmost respect and that the shared content remains within this circle, without further distribution.

Taking this oath signifies more than a procedural step; it represents a deep respect for the effort and dedication that go into crafting our educational offerings. By committing to this oath, you are not only pledging to uphold the standards of iSkills but also committing to your personal and professional development. This commitment helps ensure that each student receives the full value of their investment in our training programs.

In our cultural context, invoking the name of Allah Almighty highlights the deep seriousness of this commitment. This oath is not merely about compliance with guidelines but is a commitment to the ethics and integrity that should underpin all professional activities.

By adhering to this oath, you help foster a culture of mutual respect, trust, and integrity—fundamental pillars of the digital marketing community. We trust that you understand the significance of this responsibility and join us in maintaining a fair and enriching learning environment for everyone.