At iSkills, we prioritize the intellectual property rights and the sanctity of our educational content. The curriculum, resources, and training modules have been painstakingly curated by our expert educators, mentors, and especially by M Tanveer Nandla, leveraging years of experience and industry insights. Sharing the material not only undermines our efforts but also compromises the exclusivity promised to our enrolled students.

However, understanding the familial bonding and mutual educational endeavors, you are allowed to share the content with your direct blood relations – this includes your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, or wife. Yet, it's important to ensure that even they respect the confidentiality of the content and do not further distribute it.

Taking this oath is more than a mere formality; it is an acknowledgment of respect for the hard work that goes behind creating such training. By taking the oath, you're not just making a commitment to iSkills; you're making a commitment to your personal and professional growth. Upholding this oath ensures that each student retains the value of their investment in our training programs.

Invoking the name of Allah Almighty underscores the profound seriousness of this commitment in our cultural context. This is not just about adhering to rules but about imbibing the ethics and integrity that should guide all professional endeavors.

By respecting this oath, you foster a culture of mutual respect, trust, and integrity, the pillars upon which the digital marketing community stands. We hope that you understand and appreciate the weight of this responsibility and join us in ensuring a fair and fruitful learning environment for all.