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SEBT – SEO & Blogging Training

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SEBT – SEO & Blogging Training

Join SEBT by iSkills – Best SEO Training in Pakistan 2024, led by industry expert Tanveer Nandla. Learn SEO, Blogging, Freelancing, Local SEO, Technical / Semantic SEO and Digital Marketing to boost your career. Get practical tips and expert advice. Sign up now and start learning to become a skilled SEO professional.

Rs. 55,000
duration icon Training Duration: 6 Months
  • date
    Fee Deadline: 17th May, 2024
  • world
    Orientation: 18th May 2024.

  • lcd
    100+ Live Lectures
  • support
    24/7 Support
  • artificial intelligence
    AI + Live Support
  • reservation smartphone
    iOS/Android App Access
  • lifetime access
    Lifetime Access
  • diploma
    Certificate of Completion
  • money bill wave
    15 Days Refund Policy

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SEBT Details & Registeration BATCH 13 by iSkills: SEO, Blogging, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing & Paid Marketing Training (2024)

  • Web Development Basics:
    Master foundational HTML and CSS skills.
  • AI-Driven SEO:
    Harness AI to enhance your SEO strategy.
  • WordPress Expertise:
    Excel on the leading web platform.
  • SEO & Blogging Mastery:
    Leverage 15+ years of experts’ insights.
  • Content Creation:
    Write compelling, highly rankable articles.
  • Search Engine Secrets:
    Decode how Google ranks sites.
  • Outpace Competitors:
    Adopt advanced market-leading strategies.
  • On-Site SEO:
    Boost rankings with refined site optimizations.
  • Specialized SEO Skills:
    Master Local, Technical, and Semantic SEO.
  • Freelancing Success:
    Profit on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.
  • Amazon Affiliate Mastery:
    Start and grow your affiliate revenue.
  • Speed Optimization:
    Faster sites for better user engagement.
  • Google Tools Proficiency:
    Utilize Google’s suite to maximize impact.
  • Link Building Techniques:
    Secure better rankings with proven methods and modern link building strategies.
  • Online Income Growth:
    Diversify and expand your digital earnings.
  • Exclusive SEBT Strategies:
    Access unique, powerful SEO strategies.
  • Local SEO Mastery:
    Dominate your local market with targeted SEO strategies.
  • International SEO:
    Expand your reach with multilingual SEO for global markets.
  • Paid Marketing Expertise:
    Drive results with expertly managed Google and Meta ads.
  • Browser Automation:
    Streamline and automate complex SEO tasks to boost efficiency and accuracy.
  • Profitable Guest Posting: Learn the strategies to effectively run a guest posting business for profit, leveraging our expert insights.
  • Asset Flipping Mastery: Receive expert assistance and guidance on flipping digital assets across top marketplaces like Flippa and Empire Flippers.
Transform Your Career: Discover Why This Training Is a Game-Changer
  • Career Pathways:
    Forge a successful career in Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Digital Services, or land a top-tier market job with our foundational training.
  • Website Mastery:
    From setup to monetization, learn how to effectively create, market, and profit from your website or blog.
  • Launch Your SEO Agency:
    Acquire the skills needed to optimize client websites and start your own SEO business.
  • Freelancing Opportunities:
    Deliver top-tier SEO services on platforms such as Fiverr, UpWork, and iSkillsPro.
  • Global Market Readiness:
    Equip yourself with SEO skills applicable to office-based jobs worldwide.
  • Enhance Your Online Business:
    Use SEO to boost traffic and sales for your Amazon FBA or Dropshipping store.
  • Exceptional Content Creation:
    Distinguish yourself as a content creator in a competitive digital landscape.
  • SEO Expertise:
    Start your journey towards becoming an SEO expert.
  • Elite Networking:
    Connect with leading digital marketers, SEO experts, and influential bloggers in our prestigious community.
  • Learn from the Best:
    Gain insights from the ‘Best Blogger of Pakistan’ and ‘Pride of Pakistan’ award winner.
This Training Might Not Be For You If:
  • Expecting Immediate Results:
    Success in digital marketing evolves through time and sustained effort.
  • Reluctant to Put in Effort:
    Our training requires unwavering dedication and hard work to achieve tangible results.
  • Focus on Promotion:
    We prioritize learning and growth over direct sales or service promotion.
  • Desire for Constant Hand-Holding:
    We offer substantial guidance, but independent execution is crucial.
  • Language & Comprehension Barriers:
    A basic grasp of English and an eagerness to learn are critical for success.
  • Impatience with Earnings:
    Patience is key as building a profitable online business is a gradual process.
  • Harboring Misconceptions:
    If you think success here is effortless, this may not be the right fit for you.
  • Limited Time for Application:
    Applying what you learn is vital for achieving the best results.

Our mission is to transform committed learners into industry leaders. If you’re prepared to commit, we’re dedicated to supporting your journey to success.

Google Ads Mastery: FREE Bonus Course
  • Introduction to Google Ads:
    • Getting started with Google Ads
    • Exploring account types
  • Crafting Your Campaign:
    • Diving into campaign types
    • Networks and ad types
    • Utilizing extensions
  • Optimizing Ad Groups:
    • Structuring ad groups
    • Mastery over keyword types
    • Impressions and CTR insights
  • Financials & Billing:
    • Streamlined billing process
    • Bidding strategies
    • Competition analysis
  • Setup & Measurements:
    • Expert account setup
    • Advanced measurements and metrics
    • Bulk actions for efficiency
  • Advanced Features:
    • Navigating shared libraries
    • Drafts and experiments
    • Utilizing tags and parameters
  • Ad Performance & Analysis:
    • Perfecting landing pages
    • In-depth research and analysis
    • SWOT assessment
    • Conversions tracking
  • Enhancing Targeting:
    • Precision audience targeting
    • Detailed campaign settings
    • Introducing dynamic ads
  • Google Policies & Best Practices:
    • Understanding Google’s ad policies
    • Navigating filters and reports
    • Mastery with Google Ads Editor
  • Optimization & Growth:
    • Techniques for ad optimization
    • … and so much more!
More Bonus Training (Optional)
  • Freelancing Training
  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • Browser’s Automation in SEO
  • Use of AI in SEO
  • Student Achievements:
    Our alumni have impressively earned over $250 Million collectively!
  • Vision for 2030:
    Our goal is ambitious: to achieve a cumulative revenue of $1 Billion, In Sha Allah.
  • Community and Support:
    Join our monthly free meetups and benefit from supportive sessions at iSkills incubators when available.
  • Why Choose iSkills?
    • Master in-demand skills in a booming industry—SEO alone is valued at over $80 Billion in the USA.
    • Distinctive Edge: We are the ONLY institute that measures success by tangible outcomes—77% of our graduates started generating revenue following their SEBT training in 2022.
    • The remaining alumni, while varied in their endeavors, are fully equipped to succeed across multiple sectors.

    Invest in learning. Invest in results. Join iSkills today.

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Led by M Tanveer Nandla, explore the core principles of SEO and blogging. Learn how to design standout blogs, develop compelling content, and implement advanced SEO strategies. With experts guidance, you’ll gain the skills necessary to excel in the digital marketing landscape.


Rs. 55,000
Important Note
  • No Registration Fee
  • One-Time Fee Only
  • Live Lectures
  • Recorded Lectures
  • No Watch Time Limit (12 Months)
  • No Monthly Subscription
Course Access
  • LMS Access
  • iOS/Android App
  • WhatsApp Community
  • Success Manager
  • iSkills Alumni
Course Content
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Aff. Marketing
  • Adsense
  • Automation
  • Freelancing
  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • Multilayer Support System
  • Live Chat
  • Support Portal
  • Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Support
  • 24 Hrs. Issue Resolution Time
  • Worth 1200$ Free Resources
  • Themes/Plugins Free
  • Free Hosting (1 Year)
  • iSkillsPro
  • Alumni Group Access
  • SEOlytics
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Say hi to 👋🏻 Our Success Stories

Meet the achievers of iSkills who have turned their dreams into reality. Each story is a testament to perseverance and success, showcasing how our personalized training in digital marketing can pave the way to a thriving career. Be inspired by their journeys as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of the digital world.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out our FAQs to find quick, clear information on our courses/trainings, enrollment, and support at iSkills. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, we’re here to help you navigate your educational journey with us.

Is this training online or in-person?

This training is exclusively online. Classes are held twice a week via our portal and mobile apps. You can participate through a desktop computer, laptop, our Android or iOS app, or mobile browsers.

I’m new to the online field. Can I join?

Certainly! Past success stories indicate that while experience isn’t required, commitment, hard work, and dedication are. It’s crucial you’re able to read, write, communicate in English, and comprehend our teachings.

Is it so easy that your students earn substantial money?

No, it’s not easy. Our successful students are sharp, hardworking, consistent, and have diligently applied what they’ve learned. We aim to impart our knowledge in the most straightforward, supportive manner, but success isn’t guaranteed for everyone.

Does the training guarantee financial success?

The training equips you with the skills needed for various online endeavors. However, we don’t promise instant riches or suggest that everyone will become a millionaire overnight. Effort and application are crucial.

Are 100% of your students successful?

No, but a significant number of them have achieved financial success. Some have earned over PKR 5 Crore, while others earn more than 1 lac per month. A few are still navigating their way, and some have sought refunds without attending classes. Thus, a 100% success rate isn’t feasible, but we ensure top-tier knowledge delivery, support, and motivation.

How much time should I invest for potential success?

It varies. Some students dedicate their entire day once they realize the returns can surpass traditional job earnings. Others might only find time on weekends. Historically, students who’ve successfully ranked websites and earned from them have spent an average of 2 to 5 hours daily.

What’s the required investment to start a project post-enrollment?

Around Rs. 50,000 is a ballpark figure if you plan on creating your own content. However, you can choose to invest more depending on your project’s scope. We advocate starting with a modest investment and progressively scaling up.

I can’t afford the fee. Is there a provision for deserving candidates?

Yes, we reserve a limited number of seats for meritorious candidates who genuinely cannot afford the fee.

Do I need any technical background to join this course?

No, a technical background isn’t necessary. Our curriculum is designed to cater to both beginners and those with prior experience. All you need is the passion to learn and apply new skills.

Are the course materials accessible after the training ends?

Yes, you will have access to course materials and recorded lectures for a specific duration after the course concludes, allowing you to revisit the content anytime you need a refresher.

Do you provide any post-course support or mentorship?

Absolutely! Our team is committed to ensuring your success. We offer post-course support sessions and mentorship to help guide you in the right direction.

Are there any prerequisites or tools I need before starting the course?

While there are no mandatory prerequisites, basic computer skills and internet access are essential. Any additional tools or software needed will be discussed during the course, and most of them have free versions available.

Is there a certification provided upon course completion?

Yes, after successfully completing the course and passing any associated evaluations, you will receive an iSkills certification recognizing your expertise in the covered subjects.

Are there any group discounts or installment payment options?

We do NOT offer group discounts for cohorts or teams. As for payment, there are NO installment options available. Please reach out to our onboarding team for detailed information.

How is this course different from other similar courses available online?

Our course stands out because of its comprehensive curriculum, practical hands-on assignments, and the track record of our alumni. Our focus is not just on imparting knowledge but ensuring that our students can practically apply what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios.