If you are a freelancer on Fiverr.com and selling your services to your clients around the globe, then the cancellation process would be a bit different from that of buyers for you. Similarly, if you are a buyer on the said platform, the cancellation process will be slightly different from that of a seller.

Following are the details of the order cancellation process on Fiverr for both sellers and buyers. Each cancellation process will be explained below:

  • What is the right way to cancel an order on Fiverr as a Seller?
  • What is the right way to cancel an order on Fiverr as a Buyer?

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Order Cancellation on Fiverr As Seller

There is a predefined process on Fiverr for canceling an order as a seller. The step-by-step process is given below: 

Open Order Page

First, you must select the order you want to cancel. To do this, open your Fiverr profile, go to your dashboard, and choose your order for cancellation.

Visit the Resolution Center

The second thing to do is click on ‘Resolution Center’, which will direct you to the resolution center page. You will be given three preset options to choose from. Select the third option, ‘ask the buyer to cancel the order.


Once you click on the ‘ask the buyer to cancel the order button, you need to select an appropriate reason for an order cancelation. You will be given several reasons to choose from. You can select a reason from the options given, or you can also select the last option, ‘other.’ You can utilize the ‘other’ option to explain a custom reason for order cancellation. Choose your preferred option and select ‘continue.’

Submit Cancelation Request

It is the final step in the cancellation process; you only need to add some necessary details and click on ‘send’ to submit your cancellation request. 

Fiverr will show you some warnings regarding order cancellation. The warnings include loss of revenue and the effect on your order completion rate.

Submit your dispute to initiate the cancellation process, and it will depend on the buyer to accept or reject your cancellation request. If the buyer approves your order cancellation request, then it’s great. Otherwise, you can contact the ‘customer support team’ to cancel the order.

Note: If your order cancellation request remains unresponded by the buyer, Fiverr will automatically cancel your order after 48 hours as per the policy.

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Order Cancellation on Fiverr As a Buyer

If you are a buyer on Fiverr and want to cancel the order, follow the steps given below:

Open Order Page

Open your profile and go to the order page to select the order you want to cancel. 

Visit Resolution Center

Once you select the order that you want to cancel, the next step is to click on the ‘resolution center.’ 

Cancel An Order On Fiverr

Ask The Seller To Cancel The Order

At this stage, you can give your seller a valid reason from the given options and ask to cancel the order. Click on ‘continue’ to move the process forward. 

Submit Request Cancellation

First, select the reason for cancellation and then select ‘send,’ and you will submit your cancellation request.  The process, as mentioned above, is the easy, fast, and safer way to cancel an order.

Once your cancellation request is delivered to the seller for approval, they will accept or reject it. If the seller cannot respond within the 48 hours limit, Fiverr will automatically cancel the order. For instance, if the seller declines your request to cancel the order, you may contact the customer support team and give them a valid reason for the project’s cancellation.

Cancellation In Case of No Access to The Resolution Center

There are cases in which your order is sometimes marked as complete, and you need access to the resolution center. In such a case, we advise you to contact customer support service, but you should provide them with a valid reason for the order cancellation. For instance, one valid reason might be the infringing materials used by the seller in the project.

Your first priority is to complete the order. Otherwise, you are free to contact Fiverr customer support, but you need to give them a valid reason for your order cancellation.

Order Cancellation Types

If someone wants to cancel the order on Fiverr, there are 3 distinctive types of cancellation that you will face in this regard. All these types are explained in detail below:

Mutual Cancellation

Mutual cancellation is a type of order cancellation on Fiverr in which both the parties, including the buyer and the seller, agree on mutual terms to cancel the order on mutual agreement. 

Buyer/Seller Cancellation Request

The most common order cancellation type on the said platform is when a buyer or seller sends a cancellation request to the other party. For instance, a buyer can send a cancellation request to the seller if he is facing any issues. Similarly, a seller can request order cancellation if unsatisfied with the buyers’ attitude.

In any case, once your cancellation request is sent to the other party, then it would be on their part to accept or reject your cancellation request. 

Order Cancellation By Fiverr Support

Cancel The Order

This type of cancellation on Fiverr occurs when one of the parties from the seller or buyer declines the order cancellation request. So, in such a case, the only way to cancel the order left is by contacting the Fiverr customer support team and giving them logical and valid reasons for the order cancellation. On your request, the support team will review your order cancellation and resolve the matter.

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Valid Reasons For Order Cancellation

Reasons for order cancellation can vary depending on the concerned individuals or circumstances. Some examples are as follows:

  • When the delivery time is expired, and your order becomes late.
  • Nonprofessional and vague behavior of the other party.
  • In case a seller is found to add infringing materials to the project.
  • The seller submits an irrelevant project to the agreed project.
  • When the seller demands extra money to accomplish the project.
  • Without any valid justification, the seller is found to miss the deadlines for project delivery.

Order Cancellation: Not a Good Idea!

We will only suggest order cancellation when there is no other way to deal with your problems. Apart from the troubles of canceling your order on Fiverr, sometimes cancellation is the only way left.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get an order on Fiverr?

To attract potential clients on Fiverr, you need to create an impressive Gig and share it with the maximum number of people on different social media platforms, and you can also boost your Gig.

What can I do to attract the maximum number of clients on Fiverr?

Make an impressive profile covering all aspects of your professional expertise. Try to deliver your project quickly to win attractive feedback from potential clients. You can also start selling your services at relatively lower rates initially. Keep sharing your profiles.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, canceling an order on the said platform is relatively easy. Instead, you can cancel it anytime with the mutual consent of the other user. In simple words, the buyer and seller can cancel the order with mutual consent without involving in any trouble. Anyone can cancel the order if they have a valid reason to present in front of customer support at fiverr.com