AI has enhanced the working capacity of bloggers and writers with its intuitive tools. Now you can easily write blogs, essays, and other forms of writing with utmost accuracy and precision using artificial intelligence. With our latest AI-powered writing tool, Writely, you can bring your writing ventures to the next level.

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In this article, we will discuss everything that makes it a worthwhile tool for writers. When it comes to AI writing tools, options are many but few are the best in producing content that is practical, unique, original, and relevant. Writely will undoubtedly elevate your content creation to maximum heights. Let’s now find out if Writely AI is suitable for you.

This review will explore the key features, merits, demerits, and suitability of this amazing AI-powered writing assistant in detail. By the end of the article, you will be able to decide whether you should opt for Writely AI or not.

Writely AI Review – At a Glance

The creators of Writely seem concerned about making AI tools to assist content creators as the company is struggling deep into AI technologies and emerged as one of the best AI-powered tool builders. When it comes to Writely AI, it is their novel tool that can be used to generate text content with the help of artificial intelligence to streamline the complex and time taking process of content creation.

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You can easily create any type of web content using this AI writing tool. All you need to give Writely a prompt and instruct it to create content following the given instructions or prompts and Writely will respond to you by weaving content with the help of its latest AI algorithms.

There are several templates available to match your content needs and satisfy your style of writing. What I also enjoy about Writely AI is the command option that is quite helpful, which gives the writing the necessary human quality that other similar writing tools typically lack, as well as depth, originality, and clarity.

Writely’s Free Plan

The best thing about Writely AI is its free plan that can be utilized to get an insightful view of the tool to evaluate its features and test its different functionalities. The free plan is provided to show and convince users about what an AI-powered writing tool can actually do to streamline the content creation process.

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Writely AI – Pertinent Features

As an AI-powered writing assistant, Writely can bring your blogging career to the highest sky by saving you time, effort, and money. The tool speeds up the process of content creation and relieves you from the burden of hiring professional content writers. Ponder your thoughts on the following key features of Writely AI. Read the WPAIBOT Review AI Writer for WordPress.

Modes: Normal and Advance

Writely provide its users with two distinctive modes: normal and advanced so that the users can utilize them according to their content requirement. Moving from normal to advanced-level AI assistance can get you more structured, well-researched, thorough, and highly engaging content.

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Multiple Templates

Content creation is getting more comparative with each passing day due to the development of AI-powered writing tools so this is why the availability of multiple templates is a necessity to tackle different styles and requirements of writing.

In our opinion, these templates make Writely AI a perfect choice for bloggers and writers as the tool is fully capable to satisfy your needs in writing blogs, articles, emails, or any other SEO-optimized content. You can also utilize the different templates to produce long or short-form content as per your own choice. Want to Generate the Videos with AI then Go For Fliki AI Review.

Brainstorming and Generating Content Ideas 

It normally happens with creative writers that their minds go blank while writing and they cannot come up with catchy headings or subheadings. Well, you don’t need to worry about such things now because Writely AI is here to do it for you. Just a basic framework will do its work to implement your idea.

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Once made available, this tool will take care of all the imaginative work on your behalf by offering a range of viewpoints, approaches, and perspectives for examining an idea or creating content. Additionally, it can help you finalize the framework and provide you the option of selecting a certain subtopic where you need writing assistance.

Produce Assisted Article To Provide You With Additional Content Ideas

To beautify the concept of your article with more structuring and better headings Writely offers an impressive feature to produce more content ideas. You can have an interactive experience while working with this AI tool as it is fully capable of providing answers to certain queries.

Content diversification with several prompts 

You can explore new possibilities with Writely and create the most engaging material possible. It will develop the material based on a specific prompt if you direct it to do so. You’ll be able to improve the content’s professionalism, clarity, and informational value.

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Commands For Making Your Writing Clear And Professional

This feature allows you to refine your content by working on the significant details of the content, adding more relevant information, and erasing the unnecessarily expanded premise. You can consider it as an attempt to give more details and depth to your content. The commands are given below:

  • The Shorten Command
  • The Rephrase Command
  • The Expand Command

These commands enable users to restructure their site’s content and make it more appealing and engaging than before. Winner for the Best AI ChatBOT of ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Writely AI – Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Three modes: Articles, Academics, and Stories
  • Quickly writes efficient content
  • Generates additional content ideas using AI
  • Commands are available to refine and restructure the content


  • Limited fonts and tone options
  • Not for professionals
  • Dated interface
  • Lacks sophisticated tools for developing frameworks that are specific to marketing, like email or website content.


Writely AI – Pricing

Monthly PlanAnnual Plan
$29 per month$25 per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Writely AI free to use?

No. it is not free rather the company offers two distinctive payment plans:

  1. Annual plan
  2. Monthly Plan

Although there is a free trial available with limited features for the users to provide them with an insight view of this amazing AI-powered writing assistant.

Who can use Writely AI?

A writing tool with artificial intelligence at its core, Writely AI puts simplicity first. It goes away from extraneous complexity and features that are typically present in other AI writing tools. As a result, Writely AI can be used by bloggers, affiliate marketers, and students who need simple writing assistance to generate material quickly.

Final Thoughts

For individuals looking for simplicity and speed in their content creation process, Writely AI stands out as a useful AI-powered writing tool. Writely offers a variety of templates to accommodate different writing styles and needs thanks to its user-friendly interface and distinctive modes.

It helps with idea generation for content, writing improvement through commands, and content diversification through prompts. Writely AI provides a simple solution for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and students with basic writing demands, despite its restricted font and tone selections and lack of expertise in marketing-specific frameworks.