A domain refers to your website’s name, which will be used by visitors as a calling card for your personal blog or business website. Today’s world has transformed itself with emerging technology, and this digital age requires everyone to have a digital presence, one simple way is by owning a website.


The blog explores four legit ways to get a free domain name including:

  1. Free Domain Registrars
  2. Free Domain with Email Hosting
  3. Free Domain with Website Builder
  4. Free Domain with WordPress Hosting

 These methods, according to the article, do not offer top-level TLDs or domains like .org, .com, .net, and others, but they can help cut costs or save money.

So, the domain name should be simple, attractive, and easy to remember for the people visiting your site. Make sure to give your site a perfect domain name concerning your business and include an industry-related keyword. Do you Know who is the Winner Between ChatGPT and Google Bard of 2024.

Registering a domain name is normally the first thing to be done in the process of building a website. But what if we tell you that in 2024, there are actually legal ways to obtain a free domain name? This blog post will teach you 4 legit ways to get your domain name registered free of cost to keep your site up and running.

4 Legit Ways to Get Free Domains: An Overview

Consider the following table to understand the legal ways to get a free domain name for your website to save money or minimize the budget.

free domains 1024x661 1

Before diving into the details of free domain registrars, let us first clarify that free domain registrars do not offer top-level TLDs or domains such as .org, .com, .net, and others. So in such a case, your domain won’t give a professional look and might cause security breaches due to high-security risk. Do you want the Free Web Hosting for Your Blog for a Year?

Free Domain RegistrarFree Domain with Email HostingFree Domain with WordPress HostingFree Domain with Website Builder
1) GetFreeDomain.Name
2) Dot TK
3) Freenom
1) Bluehost
2) DreamHost
3) KnownHost
1) Weebly
2) Wix
3) Squarespace
Working Process:
Free. Tk, .cf, or .ml, domain Inappropriate for business professionals Insecure 
Working Process: Free .com domain and SSL Starts from $1 per month It can be used to build a website SecureWorking Process: Free .com domain and SSL with paid plans Email hosting included Working Process: Free .com domain with paid plans It can be used for email Secure

Follow These 4 Ways to Get a Free Domain Name

Getting a free domain name is no more a challenge. You can fulfill your requirement for a free domain name in several trusted ways. Generally, domain and hosting providers offer free domains in bundles. As cited in the above table, a free domain comes bundled with the following plans:

  • Web Hosting Plans
  • Email Hosting Plans
  • Site Builder Plans
  • Free Domain Name Registrar

Here are a few choices for getting a free domain name for your new company website, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each, to help you decide which course of action is best. Do you know the Difference Between Hosting and Domain Check Out?

Get a Free Domain With a Website Builder 

In today’s digitally revolutionized world, you can easily build a website without writing complex codes or hiring a professional developer. All-in-one site-builder platforms have provided reliable, quick, and code-free ways to build all types of websites in a few clicks. 

with website 1024x661 1

Anyone who wants to build a site will need a reliable site-builder platform to meet the purpose of site creation. Several site builder platforms provide their users with free domain names for their websites.


  • Reliable and Secure.
  • Free SSL is included in the bundle.
  • Leading website builders are offering free.com or other top-level domains for 12 months.
  • Best suited to the needs of beginners with no technical coding knowledge.


  • You need to go for the paid plan to avail a free domain.
  • You will only get the first year for free.
  • Separate email hosting is necessary.

According to our research team, site builders offer the quickest way to build websites. Wix and Squarespace are two such platforms which are offering free domain names for your website.

The packages start from $16 monthly, but there are other cheaper options, such as Weebly. Searching for the most affordable way to launch your website? IONOS is the only place to look!

You can get started with their site builder options, which include perks like a domain, SSL, and business email, for just $1 per month for the first year. You shouldn’t pass up this fantastic offer! How a Blog Rank with the HELP of SEO Plugins Check Out for the Best One.

Consider the Following Paid Plans Offering Free Domains:


Launch your website without spending a fortune! Their user-friendly site builder is inexpensive and includes a free domain, SSL, and business email for the first year for just $1 per month. When establishing your internet profile, don’t accept anything less than the best. Choose this website builder to receive all you require for success!

ionos free domain 1024x524 1


This platform best suits hotels and e-commerce stores offering services at just $12 monthly.

weebly free domain 1024x509 1


It is best for business owners who want to optimize their site visually and provide unlimited storage for just $16 monthly.

squarespace 1024x502 1


Are you looking for the best website builder for your small business? Look nowhere else! In addition to being the greatest overall, this site builder also rates as the best for SEO.

wix 1 1024x475 1

Also, you receive a free name and SSL with subscription options starting at just $16 per month! It’s the ideal solution to increase your online visibility and grow your company.

Get a Free Domain With Email Hosting

If you are not interested in building up your business or personal website, you can opt for a dedicated email hosting plan with a free .com domain extension.

email hosting 1024x661 1

An email plan dedicated to this purpose should ideally be availed. We’ve found that web host and domain registrar IONOS offers the most reasonable prices. Starting at $1 per month, IONOS provides several email hosting choices with a free domain.


  • You can get dedicated email hosting with a .com domain for $1 only.
  • Minimizes the risk of getting scammed.
  • You can get additional storage as well.
  • A free SSL certificate is also included.
  • The setup is easy and can be done through an intuitive dashboard.


  • Throughout the duration of your email hosting subscription, a free domain is offered.
  • Generally, such plans offer limited storage that can also be upgraded.

Opting for an email business plan will get you a high-security level, SSL, a free domain name, 50 GB storage, a spam filter, and virus protection. You can also add more people by paying a decreased cost for the newly added user, providing you a chance to promote your business and save money. 

Get a Free Domain With WordPress Hosting

If you are planning to build a website on WordPress, you will have to buy hosting for your site. Although other site-builder platforms like Wix include hosting in their packages and plans. We are concerned about WordPress websites here that require their users to purchase a separate hosting for your website to be developed.

free wordpress 1024x661 1

The point of consideration here is your smart hosting purchase. We advise you to opt for a hosting plan that offers a free domain name for the website. Many hosting providers come up with attractive bundles and packages. For instance, consider a web hosting plan that offers the following:

  • A free domain name
  • A WordPress site builder
  • Business Email accounts

Many hosting companies are offering a single-click WordPress installer so that you can do your work in a simple yet progressive way to build your website as quickly as possible.


  • Your website’s domain will be automatically renewed on an annual basis.
  • The domain will be connected to your site automatically.
  • You can get free top-level domains including .com, .net, .org, etc.  
  • WordPress page builder theme.
  • Email addresses, free domain names, and SSL.


  • Keep in mind that the domain is free but only for the first year.
  • You can only get a free domain if you purchase annual plans as there are no free domains in the monthly plans.

WordPress Website Setup

First of all, you need to buy a hosting plan for your website. Choose the right WordPress hosting company that offers a free domain and other extras in the same annual package. Following are a few of the best WordPress Hosting Providers:

  • DreamHost is best for small business websites.
  • BlueHost is best for WordPress websites due to its intuitive page builder theme.
  • KnownHost is best for fully featured yet low-budget websites.

We advise you to carefully observe all the latest hosting plans and packages before buying one for your website. With a little effort and smart thinking, you can potentially save your time, money, and effort. Which one is Best for you Webflow vs WordPress read the Guide.

Get a Free Domain Through a Registrar

There are a few trusted domain name registrars where you can get your website’s domain for free. The only issue with a free domain is that it would not be one of the top-level domains like .com, .net, .co, .org, and others. And in such a case user does not own the domain. Consider the following merits and demerits of using free domains.

freenom domains


  • You can get a free domain anytime but take care of the updated policies.


  • You cannot have top-level domains like .org, .net, etc.
  • You cannot have domain ownership.
  • Such free domains are highly unreliable.
  • Free domain extensions seem less professional.
  • More likely to be hacked.

Free domain extensions are tumultuous on one end due to the abovementioned demerits. On one end, people are tempted to have a free domain; on the other, a free domain can expectedly become a headache. Take note of the following registrars, and you can get free domains from there:

Our Suggestions

We suggest you opt for free domains for learning purposes, but if your purpose is to develop a business or professional website, then go for the paid top-level domain extensions. This is because, like every other businessman, you would like to keep your business safe from security threats, while a free domain might put your website at risk. 

By choosing services that already include a domain at no extra cost, such as WordPress web hosting from DreamHost, a plan from Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, or dedicated email hosting from IONOS, you can avoid paying extra for a domain. Another choice is to pay about $10 a year to buy your domain name from a trustworthy registrar like Domain.com.  

Lastly, we suggest you go for subdomains to build your website on a limited budget through a free site-builder, as it is a safer way than that of a free but risky domain that might put your business at stake.

Your site built on a subdomain will be shown as: yourbusiness.wix.com. Although it seems a bit less professional, people largely regard the site builders platforms like Wix, Blogger, and others.

Domain for Free? Here are Better Alternatives You Should Consider!

The best way to get a free domain for your website, which is secure and reliable, is by getting a bundled plan from a domain and hosting provider company.

google domains 1024x475 1

These bundles are affordable and promising for site owners to build businesses, grow, and prosper in their future endeavors. If you are not comfortable with the free domain that comes with a bundle, then the best thing you can do is to go for a cheap domain name provider as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a free domain for a lifetime?

GoogieHost offers free hosting and personalized nameservers together with a lifetime free domain. There are no costs, obligations, or fees necessary. You can grab this opportunity right away.

Are Google Domains free?

Contrary to popular belief, Google Domains is a registrar that imposes an annual cost for domain registration.

Final Thoughts

Using conclusion, it is stated that there are plenty of options by which you can easily get a free domain for your website. In light of the above discussion, we suggest you opt for a reliable and legit domain that comes bundled with some extras you need to build a website such as a website builder and others.

A free domain name can be gained in several ways, including by purchasing a WordPress web hosting plan from DreamHost starting at $2.95/month, using a free domain-offering website builder like Wix, or selecting a dedicated email hosting from IONOS starting at $1/month.