WordPress is considered one of the best open-source CMS platforms for building websites for personal and business purposes. The other one is Webflow which allows you to build custom websites without any code on a visually visible canvas. This article will assist you in comparing the ease of use, pros and cons, features, and other relevant things so that you can choose the best option from WordPress and Webflow.

When building a site using WordPress, you will be amazed to know that it currently powers 34% of the world’s websites. If you are looking for an impressive WordPress alternative, then Webflow stands out as one of the best available. Let’s now dive into the key differences between the two platforms. Read Also, Blogger vs WordPress 2024.

Webflow vs WordPress – The Major Differences

Before going into the detailed analysis of Webflow vs. WordPress, let’s first look at the significant differences between the two CMS platforms.

  • If you prefer design freedom instead of restricting yourself to the templates, then Webflow is for you, whereas, on WordPress, you can go for the templates and make desired changes, or you will have to write code from scratch.
  • Webflow provides users with simple, easy, clean, and better code quality. On the other hand, WordPress code becomes more cluttered with its extensive plugins.
  • You can edit something on the same page on Webflow, while WordPress requires you to use its dashboard and page editors.
  • Webflow is comparatively expensive as here you need to select a pricing plan, whereas WordPress only requires you to buy hosting, but the platform is free to use and operate.
  • Webflow enables users to make designs using a drag-and-drop page builder, while WordPress users need plugins to enable this feature.

Webflow at a Glance

You can quickly build any website on this fully-equipped cloud-based website builder, Webflow. You can create and modify your website’s design using Webflow designs regardless of your coding expertise; even a newbie can build a unique website on Webflow.

webflow homepage 1 1024x449 1

Regarding customization options, Webflow successfully wins the race against its competitors like Wix, Squarespace, and others. The exciting part is that on Webflow, you can design any site without coding, as the platform has already done it.

Webflow caters to beginners and expert web designers by providing them with extended customization options. The platform relieves you of hiring developers to build your website.

Significant Features of Webflow App

  • Drag and drop page builder function
  • Impressive Editor
  • Build an E-commerce site at great ease
  • Utilize CMS data of Webflow
  • Plenty of responsive website designs
  • Flexbox
  • Numerous font styles and adjustable line-height
  • Publish your content to the web
  • SSL & ISO 27018
  • Integrates marketing tools
  • You can also export code and download it
  • Edit or add your code if necessary
  • Can make scroll animations 
  • Zapier integration

Understanding the points mentioned above will help you decipher Webflow’s functionality, with the help of which you can create, design and publish your customized site at a great pace and ease. Let’s now dive into more details to know the working process of the said platform.

Webflow: Designing Tools & Features

Webflow provides you with all the necessary tools and features to design your website as your choice. Furthermore, you can enjoy complete control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to get the site you were dreaming of precisely.

Being a developer, you will enjoy working and designing your site on Webflow, and the best part is that you can directly publish it to the web or export the code to give it to your developer.

webflow tools 1024x538 1

You will be given a blank canvas, and you can start designing it by dragging and dropping the required or desired elements, such as videos, sliders, images, backgrounds, and more. The navigator allows you to look at the website page structure you are designing so that you can restructure, redesign or edit any elements of your choice with few clicks.

The responsiveness of the pages and elements makes Webflow one of the leading CMS platforms for Website owners. It is because the responsiveness of your website can give the readers and visitors a remarkable user experience regardless of their device type.

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Regarding control over your typography, the Webflow CMS platform stands out as one of the best platforms available, where you can fully customize your site’s pages from the tracking to the line height.

You can change and edit every instance of color on your website to make it consistent and perfectly synchronized throughout the pages.

Webflow: Interaction Tools

Webflow allows its users to customize interactions and animations without the need of involving in complex codings. Interaction tools on the said platform will provide you with the best animations beyond limits, as the options are great in numbers.

webflow interaction 1 768x484 1

Consider the following points to grab complete information on the interaction tools of Webflow:

  • You can enjoy scroll-based parallax animation; any element can be linked to the scroll progress.
  • On Webflow, you can design animations that build as you scroll. The user will continue scrolling down the page, and the image will be viewed fully at the right point. This complicated design has been made easy by Webflow for its users. 
  • The ‘Reveal on Click’ option is another attraction that can bring your site’s design and interactivity to the next level. The rich hover animations are necessary to enhance your site’s engagement with the readers.

Moreover, you can enjoy 20 pre-built animations if you are looking for simple but effective and interactive animations.

Webflow: Content Management Tools

Compared to the number of leading content management platforms, Webflow stands out as one of the best. It offers unique CMS tools for everyone, whether you are a professional designer, developer, or a site’s content manager.

Webflow has made it easy for all to create and manage content on the page, and you can also view it during content creation. The platform also lets you view conditional content using filters of content numbers available.

webflow overview 1024x620 1

Webflow gives users complete visual control where they can build the search function from scratch and choose the view style for their content to be displayed as desired.

Managing your site’s content via the dashboard is an old idea, as Webflow allows you to create, edit and publish your content on the same page.

On Webflow, you can give access to your clients and team so that they can also create, edit and publish content on your behalf. Real-time collaboration is also provided to make content management easy, quick, and free from complications.

Zapier integration allows Webflow users to integrate their site with over 750 apps without writing a single line code.

Webflow: Running an E-commerce Business

Webflow can be your destination if you want to create a design and publish an e-commerce store. It allows you complete control over the visuals, font styles, interactive animations, and content management. This particular platform will enhance your business capacity up to the maximum scale, as here, you can completely customize any page, either the product page or the checkout page.

The interactive designs and animations give your website a more fabulous user experience through impressive engagement and transform your visitors into returning customers so you can deal with your business at maximum capacity.

According to our research team, If you are using Webflow to design your E-commerce store, you can create an unforgettable experience for your site users and visitors due to the custom animations and impressive interactions that will make your Store the leader amongst other competitors. Traditional email customization will help you make your store a brand.

You can give your customers all the popular payment methods, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and Stripe. You can also define your shipping locations, rules, and regulations to guide your users about your shipping methodology.

webflow ecommerce 1024x519 1

You will have the luxury of a fully equipped order management dashboard which is easy, quick, and fully operational. You can print your shipping labels when your product is ready to ship using Zapier integration.

Webflow: Great WordPress Alternatives

Following are the benefits of using Webflow as your site’s content management system. The following points will convince you about Webflow as a great WordPress alternative.

  • You do not need a grip on coding to design a fully customized site on Webflow.
  • You can customize your website on the same page interface using drag-and-drop page builder functionality.
  • No coding knowledge is required to create visuals and animations.
  • Webflow CMS is highly SEO-friendly.
  • You can observe and view your page before its publication.
  • You can add collaborators to manage the content on your website.
  • SSL certificate is included.
  • Webflow provides you with powerful hosting to minimize downtime for the users.

The Demerits of Webflow

If you are new to website designing, learning is required before you initiate your work on Webflow. Secondly, Webflow is comparatively expensive. Additionally, Webflow’s e-commerce kit lacks essential features like POS integrations, selling subscriptions, and more. So we recommend you keep these points in mind before initiating your site on Webflow.

Webflow: Pricing & Packages

Regarding the pricing and packages of Webflow, the platform has two specific plans, including ‘site plans’ and ‘workspaces,’ respectively. Furthermore, the platform offers several site plans to its users. The site plans are categorized into General Plans and E-commerce plans. Webflow has emerged as one of the leading marketplaces and offers different packages for people who want to earn their living on Webflow. Let’s discuss the platform’s different packages.

General Site Plans

webflow site pricing 1 1024x712 1
  • Webflow is offering a free starter plan. This plan enables users to learn and understand Webflow CMS. The package includes a Webflow.io domain, 50 CMS items, 50 form submissions, and 1 GB of bandwidth.
  • The basic plan will cost you $14 per month with yearly billing, as you can save up to 22% on annual billings. If you want to pay the bills every month, then the packages will cost you $18/ month. This plan benefits users who want to create and design a simple site. This plan includes a custom domain, 500 monthly form submissions, and 50 GB bandwidth, but there are 0 CMS items included.
  • Thirdly, we have Webflow’s most popular CMS plan that best suits the needs of a blog or other content-driven websites by offering a custom domain, 2000 CMS items, 1000 monthly form submissions, 200 GB Bandwidth, and 3 content editors at the expense of $23 per month if the billed annually. If you want to opt for a monthly plan, the charges will be $29.
  • Lastly, we have a business plan that includes a custom domain, 10,000 CMS items, 2500 monthly form subscriptions, 40 GB Bandwidth, and 10 content editors. The business plan can impressively cater to your marketing needs for a high-traffic business website. The platform will charge you $39 per month with yearly billing and $49 with monthly billing.

E-Commerce Site Plans

webflow ecommerce pricing 1
  • Webflow offers specialized e-commerce site plans for online marketers and retailers. You can save up to 30% with annual billing. You can also choose your monthly plan if you desire.
  • The Standard package for online retailers includes 500 e-commerce items, 2000 CMS items, a 2% transaction fee, and all CMS plan features at $29 per month with yearly billing whereas $42 with monthly billing.
  • The most popular package for online retailers on Webflow is Plus Package which includes 5000 e-commerce items, 10000 CMS items, 0% transaction fee, and all business plan features at $74 per month if billed yearly and $84 per month if billed monthly.
  • Thirdly, we have an advanced package that includes 15000 e-commerce items, 10,000 CMS items, 0%transaction fee, and all business plan features at the expense of $212 per month with yearly billing, whereas $235 per month with monthly billing.

Workspaces For In-house Teams

webflow workspace inhouse 1024x716 1
  • A free starter plan is made for people who want to start working and learning Webflow. This free starter package includes 1 seat, 2 non-hosted sites, and 2 freelancer guests. You can save up to 32% with yearly billing on all the packages below.
  • The ‘Core’ package is for small startups and teams interested in having complete control over their website’s code. The package includes 3 seats, 10 non-hosted sites, custom code, code export, billing permissions, and 2 freelancer guests. Webflow will charge $19 per seat monthly with yearly billing, whereas it will cost $28 per seat monthly.
  • The ‘Growth’ package is $49 per seat monthly with yearly billing. The charges will be $60 per month if you want monthly billing. The package includes 9 seats, unlimited non-hosted sites, custom code, code expert, billing permissions, 2 freelancer guests, and publishing permissions.
  • The Advance plan is for large-scale businesses and enterprises. This package includes everything you need to build and grow your business. You need to contact Webflow to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Workspaces For Freelancers & Agencies

webflow workspace freelance 1024x701 1
  • The starter plan is free for all. The plan includes 1 seat, 2 unhosted sites on webflow.io domains, and 2 agency or freelancer guests.
  •  The Freelancer package is for solo shops and small teams. The package includes up to 3 seats as you build your team, 10 unhosted sites on webflow.io domains, full CMS access on unhosted sites, and free guest access against $24 per seat every month with monthly billing. You can save up to 33% with yearly billing, and the dues will be $16 with yearly billing.
  • The agency plan is for large-scale businesses. The package includes up to 9 seats as you scale your team, unlimited unhosted sites on webflow.io domains, full CMS access on unhosted sites, free guest access, and managed publishing permissions for the team members. With monthly billing, the agency package will cost you $42 per seat every month. Otherwise, you can choose the yearly billing plan and pay $35 per month.

An interesting fact is that this fantastic CMS platform will let you design your website for free so that you can take your time in making your website attractive by adding unique features to it. Once you are done with designing, you can opt for a plan and go live.

WordPress at a Glance

It is beyond doubt that WordPress is the most popular site builder CMS platform, which is powering over 34% of the world’s websites. The second most attractive point is that WordPress is free to install and use as an open-source content management system. But you must pay for your site’s hosting if you want to go live. Our expert team believes that WordPress is the one in all destination for site owners whether they want to create a blog, build an e-commerce store, or any other website type that can meet your requirements and needs.

wordpress iskills 1024x556 1

Significant Features of WordPress CMS

  • Lots of customizable design features
  • WordPress sites are super SEO-friendly
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • You can have a mobile app for your site’s on-the-go management.
  • No security threats
  • Largest community
  • Impressive management tools
  • 54,000 WordPress plugins

Above mentioned are the few features we have highlighted to give you an overview of the world’s largest CMS platform, WordPress. Let’s now dive into the details.

WordPress: Designing Tools & Features

On WordPress, thousands of pre-designed themes are available to assist you in designing your dream website without involving complex coding. There are free as well as paid themes and plugins on the platform. WordPress provides you with the broadest customization range. You can also buy themes for your WordPress site from other websites such as Themeforest and Creative Market.

wordpress themes 1024x563 1

After the installation of your desired themes, the next step is customization. You can customize the newly installed themes s per your requirements at an excellent pace ad ease. There are hundreds of plugins available, with the help of which you can add new or missing features to your site.

WordPress provides you with everything to design your site or hire a professional to do the job for you. A fully customized site requires command over coding, so if you are a newbie, we suggest you hire a competent designer for your website. The WordPress theme developer handbook is available to assist site owners and developers in designing and developing WordPress Themes.

WordPress: Content Management

Content management has been so easy for site owners. WordPress has relieved its users from the burden of mastering coding and made it easy to create, manage and publish content with an easy dashboard. On the left of the dashboard is a menu bar that you can use to navigate your website’s pages and areas of interest.

WordPress is flexible and limitless in adding more pages to your site. Simply put, you can build a single-page or multi-page website using WordPress. If you are planning to create a complex site with hundreds of pages, even then, WordPress can cater to your needs at the best of the possibilities.

wordpress content 1024x546 1

WordPress is primarily known for its easiness of building all the different types of websites without involving in any type of complex coding. Due to its multi-user capabilities, you can add other users, content managers, and clients to your website.

All these points are collectively convincing enough to tell us that WordPress is the best for individual site owners and small and large-scale e-commerce businesses. Lastly, you will be amazed to know that you can create, design, and publish your website on WordPress within an hour which is quite a fast approach to site building.

WordPress: Running an E-commerce Business

You can convert your website into an online store using WordPress’ free WooCommerce plugin. In addition to WooCommerce, several e-commerce plugins are available, and you can use one of your choices. The most popular e-commerce plugin is Woo-Commerce, currently running 28% of the World’s online stores, and this plugin is free.

When it comes to the customization capacity of WooCommerce, it can be said beyond a doubt that the sky is the limit. You can customize your store depending on your needs and build a fully customized store if you want. There is an impressive range of premade templates to assist users in designing their sites.

wordpress ecommerce 1024x768 1

WordPress stands alone regarding the extensions it provides its users to boost their business by developing a well-equipped online store. You can choose and install any extension you feel is necessary for your website. Plenty of free extensions are available, but there are paid extensions too. You can add shipping and payment methods suiting best to your business needs and much more through WordPress e-commerce plugins.

WordPress: The Best Open-Source CMS

WordPress has been ruling over the internet for the past few decades. It is one of the best open-source CMS platforms powering the world’s websites in great numbers. Let’s now discuss the benefits of WordPress as follows:

  • WordPress is highly affordable as the platform is free to install and design your website, and you just need to buy hosting.
  • WordPress is the best for you if you want complete control over the site’s design customization and data management.
  • WordPress provides hundreds of free themes, plugins, and extensions to assist your online business endeavors.
  • It best suits the needs of a newbie with no coding expertise and professional web designers.
  • WordPress has the most significant number of available integration compared to the other CMS platforms due to its fame and popularity among site owners around the globe.
  • WordPress websites are SEO and mobile friendly. So it is again best for the people who want to rank their business on Google.

The Demerits of WordPress

Although WordPress provides hundreds of ready-made options to build your website on the go with the help of plugins and extensions, if you are interested in designing a customized site, you need to hire a professional designer. Otherwise, you can design your site yourself if you are an expert in coding.

Secondly, you are the person who will be responsible for timely updates and sustainable maintenance of your website. On WordPress, you are the owner and manager of your website. Otherwise, you need to go for managed WordPress hosting.

WordPress Pricing & Packages

WordPress is free to install and design unique websites, blogs, and business stores. But if you want to buy premium features such as premium themes, then you need to buy them, but this is only a one-time payment, and themes are not costly.

wordpress pricing 1024x560 1

According to our experience and knowledge, you can get a fantastic theme for $30 to $100. WordPress is a highly affordable and reliable CMS platform. Lastly, it is hosting that you need to buy from the providers for a few dollars per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hosting provider is best for WordPress?

You can use any hosting provider for your WordPress website or blog, making it more fun to design your website with its impressive yet easy CMS.

Is Webflow good for SEO?

Yes, Webflow’s website code is clean and clear, so the search engines can easily search the code and index it by crawlers.

Does Webflow give a free trial?

Luckily, Webflow provides users with a free trial to test the platform by designing two projects before buying or purchasing any plans or packages.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, WordPress and Webflow are the two impressive CMS platforms that can cater to the needs of everyone who wants to build a unique website. Both platforms have their merits and demerits. After analyzing all the features of the two platforms, our research team has concluded that WordPress is undoubtedly a winner of the comparison: Webflow Vs. WordPress.