Thousands of customers globally search for freelancers on the online marketplace Upwork to complete their desired tasks successfully. The Upwork market is currently very competitive. A single job posting can receive up to 50 or more proposals.

Learn how to write a strong proposal on Upwork that can entice your client if you want to stand out among the hundreds of other freelancers. This article will cover all the relevant information about an Upwork proposal that will help you get a job.

The Upwork Proposal in a Nutshell

One of the best online freelancing platforms, Upwork allows you to connect to potential customers effortlessly. A proposal is a means to get in touch with and influence your client using a formal message.

Perhaps you’ve written cover letters in the past. An Upwork proposal is almost identical and accomplishes the same features of persuading your company to engage you for the position that is being advertised.

The focus of your proposal should be on the issue your client faces and the suggested solution, which is a crucial component of Upwork submissions. Simply put, you should outline the benefits of hiring you for the client.

Motives for Writing a Proposal

To win potential clients, you must write proposals with remarkable expertise. Undoubtedly, clients post thousands of new jobs on Upwork each day for independent contractors. 

A large number of jobs don’t mean that you will get a job. If you are serious about getting a job, you must learn to compete with other freelancers interested in doing the same task. For the following reasons, a strong, thorough, and expert proposal is necessary:

  • The first step in developing a professional relationship with your client will be sending them your proposal.
  • It must be compelling enough to get your client’s interest.
  • As beneficial to your client as your proposal is, you are.

After putting a lot of effort into your profile, the best thing is that you will become one of Upwork’s top-selling freelancers. You won’t need to create proposals or submit work bids at that point because clients will be looking for you to assist them.

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The Perfect Upwork Proposal to Land You a Job

The act of writing a proposal is subjective. With consistent practice, you can eventually become an expert proposal writer. In contrast to other letters, Upwork proposals serve as the cover letters required to obtain a position as a freelancer. 

We advise you to comprehend the following information about the structure, components, and flow of your proposal:

  • Restate the client’s primary concern after brief opening remarks.
  • Tell and persuade your client that you are the ideal candidate for the position.
  • Talk about your availability and ability to start the job right away.
  • A detailed description of your approach to the project, including your methodology, strategy, and techniques.
  • Always make an effort to include relevant work samples, a portfolio, and other supporting documents with your proposal.

Standard Proposal Length

Any specific guidelines do not govern a proposal’s length. It would be best to cover the ideas mentioned above in your proposal to make it appealing. Once you have covered all the relevant data, you will forward your proposal to the client. To include everything mentioned above, it typically takes three brief passages.

Because your clients might not be able to read too long proposals, try to keep them short. Please focus on the suggested remedy and the problem your clients wish to solve, as individuals don’t read lengthy proposals entirely and are less persuasive. 

Proposal on UpWork: Best Format

In Upwork, there is no ideal proposal. We recommend creating a unique proposal for each work according to its specifications, needs, and description. You won’t be able to thoroughly address the job description in your generic or hybrid proposal. 

To effectively land your highly competitive job, avoid using hybrid formats and attempt to create individual proposals for each job ad separately. To gain the trust of each client and the opportunity they present, you must deal with them individually.

The Relevant Tips and Tricks

Try to include the following points to make your proposal a winning letter:

  • Write in the most effective format possible.
  • Your business proposal needs to appeal to the client.
  • Recognize and address the job description and clients’ goals.
  • To persuade the client, try attaching the files and documents that contain the work you have previously completed that is most relevant.
  • Achieved past results should be displayed to the client.
  • It’s up to you to pose the queries and make suggestions.
  • Provide your client with sufficient justification for hiring you right away.
Tips for writing a proposal on upwork

Don’ts for Writing a Successful Proposal

Always strive to tailor your proposals to each individual client. On Upwork, a predetermined proposal format may be the initial reason for a client’s rejection. 

Now, look at the mistakes you should avoid while creating a proposal that will be accepted and lead to an immediate job offer.

  • Sending pre-written proposals should be avoided because they might not be able to meet the client’s expectations appropriately.
  • Keep your self-promotion minimum and instead concentrate on the client, their difficulties, and your potential solutions to the given problem in the job description.
  • Try understanding and responding to the job description while avoiding unnecessary writing details.
  • Avoid going too far in any direction—too casual or overly professional.

Submitting Your Proposal

To effectively submit your proposal once you have discovered a job to apply for, you will need to invest in Connects. Upwork charges Connects, which function similarly to coins, to submit proposals. 

Your first step toward significant success in your freelance career will be submitting a successful proposal. We’ll advise you to speak with your client about the next stage over a chat, call, or video session to discuss the project in further depth.

Step By Step Guide

Follow these steps to submit your proposal on Upwork successfully:

  • Click on the button: Submit a Proposal, which appears on the job post page.
  • Either fix your hourly rate or start bidding on the projects bearing fixed price tags.
  • Create a winning cover letter.
  • Focus on the client’s problems and propose solutions.
  • Attach files, documents, and portfolios relevant to the job description.
  • Click on the Submit a Proposal button.

Best Upwork Proposal Samples

Here are the top Upwork proposal examples so you may review them, learn from them, and ultimately choose a compelling proposal that can benefit your freelance business. 

Remember that the following examples are based on fictitious job descriptions as you consider them.

Upwork Proposal Sample #1

I would love to be your freelance writer and help you execute your website content strategy.

I have 5 years of experience writing content for websites, including,, and more. Below, I’ve linked two samples that showcase my writing ability in a similar niche to your brand. As you can see, I understand your audience and know how to write compelling articles to get your website visitors to purchase your products.

I can complete 1,000-word articles with a 2-day turnaround time. Would that work for your needs? Let me know if my writing meets your expectations, and we can set up a time to talk about your project in more detail.
Example Website Content #1 (link)
Example Website Content #2 (link)
John Doe

Upwork Proposal Sample #2

If you need high-quality articles written for your website at an affordable price, I am the right writer for you! My goal with every content piece is to lead your website’s visitors along their buyer’s journey—hopefully ending with a purchase on your website.

As you can see in my Upwork profile, I have three years of experience writing content for websites just like yours. You can even find some of my published work on,, and Linked below are two writing samples that demonstrate my ability to craft excellent blog content for B2B e-commerce websites.

– Example Website Article #1
– Example Website Article #2

My current turnaround time for 1,000-word articles is two days. If my work aligns with what you need, can we set up a time to discuss your goals for this project?

Best regards,
Jessica Doe

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start writing a proposal?

A proposal is comparable to the cover letter you could submit with your job application. Define the issue first, and then try to give potential solutions. Describe the procedures you will use to get the intended results. Talk about the project’s timing and financial requirements. Do a few proof readings.

How do you write an Upwork proposal for beginners?

We suggest you concentrate on your client’s demands, quickly greet them, and then address their issue with the suggested remedy. Mention the cost and duration of the project, give thorough explanations of your working procedures, and send your proposal.

Is there any universal format for an Upwork proposal?

No, there isn’t a standard proposal format for Upwork. Instead, we suggest you make unique proposals for each job posting you choose.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, we can say that creating a winning Upwork proposal involves tremendous competence and compassion to attract potential clients. There are a few items to keep out of your proposal and others you should include. However, it is most important to create a customized proposal for each job posting independently. It would be best not to use standard or hybrid proposals as they will not help you get the job you want on Upwork.