I am Khuzaima Tahir, a 21-year-old student of English Linguistics (8th semester), joined SEBT Batch X when I was in 5th, knew nothing about freelancing and SEO stuff more than that it can make you earn money online.

So, I kept taking live lectures and help from the seniors, we were taught multiple modules in SEBT and being a literature student I found “SEO Writing” exciting and perused it.

I practiced, and did an internship with Sir Aswad Baloch until I could write top-notch content. Here, Ma’am Uzma Iram shared and taught latest well-proven tactics which helped to rank content faster.

Then I got recommendations from seniors which helped me to craft my writing skills to perfection and started offering services within the SEBT community.

Along with this, I started my own project, the first one failed badly but I didn’t lose hope and started another one,

A blog that touched 1 Million Clicks a month, a niche based blog which I was able to rank into the Top 1500 websites in the country within the first 16 months of My SEO career.

From being an ordinary student with a dream to fulfilling my own expenses as a proud daughter, iSkills helped me achieve this in a short span of time with my highest earnings of around $4000 a month and recurring of around $1000 with my blog and clients.

The best thing about SEBT by iSkills is that it’s not just another institute teaching skills, but a family where we uplift each other. Every time I needed help, the support team, teachers and friends were always there for me, mainly I would love to mention Sir Aswad Baloch.

Thank you, Ustaad Tanveer Nandla, for making this silly girl a proud daughter and a well-pleased student.