Alhamdulilah. SEBT 11 another little Success story of 2023

For such a growing community, as it enabled me to connect with the wonderful people doing such great work. To begin with these words, I express my extreme gratitude for this little achievement of my team in the month of December. After joining SEBT 11, my perspective changed forever and for that, I am thankful to Sir Tanveer, without whom it would not have been possible

Syed Tahir Saleem bhai, Miss Hira Zulfiqar, and I met through the iskills platform. In our team, we have SEO experts. Tahir Bhai was already running a & company so we collaborated with him and made a team. Our team successfully achieved the target of 10,000 dollars in December and I earned 2000 dollars alone.

We offer guest post services and so far it has been going great.

I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the great mentorship and guidance of Sir M Tanveer Nandla and Sir Khuram Malik and all the teachers who have enabled us to reach so far.

I would like to thanks to my team members, Syed Tahir Saleem , Miss Hira Zulfiqar, Attiya Iqbal, Syeda Naveen Zehra, Sana Javed, and many others without whom it was impossible to achieve.

The support and dedication of my team members and the guidance of our teachers is the secret ingredients of this success. I wish to share many more successes like this in the future with you guys.

Our company set a target of $10k in the month of December, which has been gratefully achieved. As we are growing, the next target is $20k in Sha Allah in the future. If anyone needs guest posting on premium sites at a discounted rate, you can reach us. We are offering discounted rates as a New Year gift to our community members. So let’s join hands and fly above the mist.

Keep striving and success will come your way, in Sha Allah